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Ireland has seen growth in job market since last recession and during covid-19 also there were some of the jobs which were in demand in Irish economy. Today we will tell you which are top 5 jobs in Ireland which you can get easily provided you have relevant qualification and experience.

1.Nursing jobs in Ireland

Nursing jobs are really demanding in Ireland. Ireland’s medical and pharmaceutical industry is really big so they have lot of jobs in that area. Nursing job tops on the list because there are lot good hospitals in Ireland counting total more than 50 public hospitals. So nurses are required in all kinds of hospitals and statistica chart explains the growth of the Nursing jobs here in Ireland from 2000 till 2019. Find more statistics at Statista

Salary for nursing in Ireland ranges from 25k to 46k euro with an average of 33k euro.

2.Care Assistant

Irelands healthcare industry finds lot of shortages in healthcare assistant professionals. There are around 580 plus nursing homes in Ireland which requires lot of Care assistant for old age people , kids or people who need constant health support. For the care assistant jobs you need to complete QQI LEVL 5 Healthcare support course so getting job as care assistant will be easier for you.

Salary for care assistant in Ireland ranges from 25k to 35k euro.

3.Engineering professionals

Silicon Republic(Silicon valley of Europe) in Ireland is growing so fast in recent years and its long way to go because after brexit lot of european companies moving there European headquarters to Ireland. Engineering professionals specially in fields like Computing, Electronics and Mechanical are in very much demand. Infrastructure is also constantly growing field in Ireland but Civil Engineering needs european experience so its difficult to get job for international students in this field. But IT professionals like Java Developer, PHP/ Web developers, Cloud computing and Data Analytics professionals have lot of jobs in Ireland. You just need to have relevant experience so it will be more easier to get job here in Ireland. Ireland has lot of industries like Milk related product production, pharma industries and farm related industries. So these industries need lot of Mechanical engineers and recently lot of big tech companies are opening there data centers here in Ireland so Mechanical engineers have lot of opportunities in those data centres.

Salary for engineering professionals in Ireland ranges from 40k to 90k depending on the experience level but average stands at 50k euro.

4.Waiter-Waitress / Chef

There are plenty of restaurants here in Ireland. You name the cuisine and you will find the restaurant close to you with 2-3 km distance. Hence lot of these restaurants need waiter and Chef’s. Most busiest time for such jobs are during October to December as lot of festivals like Halloween and Christmas boost restaurant crowd in those months. You can do such jobs on student visa or dependent visa as well which is a relief for international students as well. These jobs are available for part time and full time. Recently Chef jobs are considered as critical skills so you will get work permit if you are really good chef here in Ireland.

Salary for Waiter-Waitress in Ireland ranges from 20k to 35k euro and Salary for chef in Ireland ranges from 30k to 51k euro.

5.Delivery Job

Lot of Irish people are fond of eating outside so when they are in office or if they have some Netflix plans they tend to order food from outside. There are lot of websites like Deliveroo, Just Eat who provide online food order facilities and they hire lot of delivery drivers to deliver food across Ireland. You need to have stamp 4 for those jobs but sometimes students can also do such jobs. If you have Car or Bike, Valid Hire and Purchase Insurance which you can get it from and Tax paid then you are good to apply for those jobs. If you have Bicycle you just need to apply for that job and its easy for students to do bicycle jobs. These jobs are paid according to deliveries you will do so the pay for these jobs are completely based on your time given for delivering things.

Delivery Drivers make 12 Euro an Average per Hour so you can calculate it according to your Hourly rate.

So above are the Easy to get 5 jobs in Ireland. Comment your queries if you have any questions about it. All the best.

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