MS in Ireland

International Students in Ireland were  not deported or given notice to deport like USA

International students contribute billions of dollar both to Ireland and USA economy so they should get top priority in any kind of situation because they are pillars of jobs,talent,prosperity and economy. Ireland has always welcomed international students and they are still welcoming international students to 2020 summer intake rather than deporting them but this was not the case with USA. Trump administration tried to deport existing students studying in USA causing panic and chaos within international students. So its always better to research international student policies of  countries before doing masters in that country.

International students in Ireland can extend their visa date for two months as visa office is closed and still it has extended till August

Students who were stranded back in India or whose visa is being expired were given visa extensions automatically by Irish government to comfort international students in this pandemic. On the other hand USA government barred students entering back to USA without any hesitation or concern that what will happen to their rents , luggage back in USA. Lot of students suffered because of this. So choose masters program wisely in between Ireland and USA.

International students in Ireland can attend lectures remotely from any where without any issues or concerns

Ireland has allowed international students to either attend lecture or do remote lecture so that their curriculum is not disturbed but in case of USA international students were asked to leave the country without a second thought on it. Thanks to immigration department of USA who took this matter serious and refused to implement such strategy otherwise international students would have suffered lot in USA.

H1B Visa has been suspeneded for a year and may be for more time but Ireland still issuing stamp1’s

USA government has suspened H1B L1 and other critical visa application for unprecedented time hence some of the companies like FB GOOGLE MS And Amazon hiring in other locathan USA and Ireland is one of them. But Ireland’s critical skill visa applications are still getting processed and till July 2020 half way around in pandemic around 9000 critical skill visa applications are processed so it shows that how serious Ireland is about investing in Talent.

Very few layoffs happened in Ireland than USA as Ireland lifted its lockdown really early

Ireland has seen very few layoffs due to pandemic but still unemployment rate is some what  less than USA. It could be because population as well but this is not big differentiation to decide whether we should choose Ireland or USA to MS . Because USA is home for tech and Ireland is Europe’s silicon valley both are interdependent on each other so its your call where you want to settle down in terms of salary,lifestyle and visa/job security.

Students who were doing part time jobs few employers gave them full salary when they were not working

Few of my students who were working in part time jobs have been supported by their employers in this pandemic and this is really cool sign of gesture and modesty in this difficult time. It might have been same in USA but it again depends on employer.

We are not saying that MS in USA is bad option but when there are uncertainties about visa, education and your entire livelihood you should choose the higher education country wisely. Rest the decision is yours.

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