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Hallo Leute alles Schick? My name is Aishwarya Mundalik and I was Masters’s Student from NCI-2016 Sep batch. I completed my Bachelor in Computer Science from MIT, Pune in 2016, and immediately came to Ireland for my Masters in Data Science. I did an eight months internship as a Data Scientist in Ireland and moved to do Job in Germany. Currently, I am working as a Data Analyst in a Berlin-based software company. I miss Dublin and it will be always in my heart where I had the best memories.

How you found Irish student life?How you survived in the Irish lifestyle? What challenges did u face? What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Ireland?

My Irish student life was pretty good. I was living in NCI’s hostel so it was quite easy to settle down. (On-campus accommodation is pretty expensive but at the same time it helps you to settle down in foreign land quicky ) Initially, it was really hard for me to get used to an Irish accent but I made some Irish friends in my part-time job, and eventually, I got used to their accent. First time in my life I came to a foreign land and as a 21-year Indian girl It was mind-blowing for me (in every aspect like, how these people talk, how they greet you even if they don’t know you, how they behave and how they follow rules and regulations etc.) The most challenging thing for me was their Education style. In India, I used to have 20% practical and 80% of theory but in Ireland, this distribution was divided like more than 70% of practicals and rest theory. The master’s course was for 1 year and it was too fast for me to catch up things but somehow I completed my masters. I think the only disadvantage of studying in Ireland is a Master’s course is too fast but if you wanna do Bachelor’s then no problem at all I consider that there are indefinite advantages to studying in Ireland. 1. Life Experience 2. Career Opportunities. 3. Life long friends 4. Culture Exposure and much more

How did you find Irish colleges and their education system? How it helped you in your career?

Education System was nice, their approach towards practicals and projects helped me a lot. Subjects and practicals are up to date which helped me to develop my abilities. Also, my college had a special department which helps you to make a CV and LinkedIn profile, attend job finding seminars, etc. They helped me a lot even for finding a part-time job. Also lot of senior people are helpful for getting to know new project ideas and to find jobs as referrals.

Basic tips to look for jobs in Ireland?

Basic skills to get in the Irish job market are Make your CV Irish style perfect. Make a really good LinkedIn profile so that you will rank higher on linkedin search by recruiter and you can take some lessons from youtube to improve your linkedin profile. Attend meetups ( much more chances to find internship ) Be confident ..!

How did you get your job? What jobs and experiences have led you to your present position? How was your journey from a fresher student in NCI to the current company? How you achieved such a great position in very little time as fresher?

I found my job through my LinkedIn profile (my professor helped me a lot to make a professional LinkedIn account) This is my first fulltime job in my career and my internship experience helped me to get this job. As a fresher, my experience was pretty good. Whatever tools I am using currently in my company I learned these tools in NCI itself. I believed that my thesis topic was really interesting (I got so many positive comments from NCI’s professors about my thesis). This was the only reason why I got an internship and then a full-time job. I would recommend everyone to be constantly in touch with your professors and seniors for your doubts.

5. What were the keys to your career advancement? How did you get where you are and what are your long-range goals?

I consider that Confidence is the key to career advancement.I came to Ireland to try some different field of technology and this was my first step to make career advancement. Other career advancement step I took was to do Job in Germany and it helped a lot for learning lot of things in my current job.AI and ML are going to be next big things in IT industry so my goal is to learn a lot from my current job and after 2-3 years I will start my Ph.D. in AI/ML.

6. What are the skills that are most important for a position in this field?

Python, R, SQL and a strong understanding of ML models (I think its enough to start your career as a data scientist. at least it was enough for me) Analyticsvidya.com is also great site and kaggle is another site to practice and improve ML knowledge. My current Job in Germany revolves around above skills and additionally I am trying to learn German language so that it will not be barrier to interact with my colleagues.

7. What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job?

Right now I completely code in Python to develop solutions. So Knowing python will keep you long term in industry as it is easy to code and easy to learn languge. It has lot of benefits so I would encourage all the people who want to do Data Analysis or Data Science they should learn python for sure.

Aishwarya Valurkar

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