This interview was featured for Aryan Bansal who is currently working as Cloud Support Associate in Amazon, Ireland. He completed his cloud computing from National College Of Ireland. He is really a down to earth person and he advised in our interview about Irish education, Challenges which he faced , how professors helped him and how he prepared for Amazon to get job. According him international students in Ireland should come out of comfort zone and that is true if you want to achieve something you have to move out, communicate , work hard and struggle in worst situation. “Getting job in Ireland and that too in Amazon like company was a luck for me” said by Aryan but guys¬†his luck was having lot of efforts behind it. I hope this inteview motivate you in your education and life.

10 thoughts on “Aryan Bansal: Amazon dreams after Education in Ireland”
    1. Hi Gunjan,

      I had work experience but it isn’t relevant (only 15 months) to Cloud Computing, and importantly companies here primarily focus on your skills and capability to work effectively. As far as I have noticed, marks/aggregate just describe your eligibility for the role. Though First class honors in bachelors or masters do give a good impact and impression of your dedication and willing-power.

      I hope my answer will do the needful.

    1. Networks and IP security field needs good amount of experience in Irish job market so please take some experience and they do the course.There are courses available in NCI UCD TCD but do more research from the websites of Universities.

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