Graduate Visa Ireland – 24 months stay back visa in Ireland

24 months stay back visa in Ireland
24 months stay back visa in Ireland

We already know the benefits of studying in Ireland but now there is really good opportunity  for people who want to study in Ireland. Till now there was 12 months stay back visa after MS OR Phd in Ireland but from now onward Irish Government has decided to extend  Stay back for 24 months for non-EU/EEA students who will study at level 9 and above of the National Framework of Qualifications . That means the Graduate visa in Ireland will have 24 months of validity and its big as well as valuable stay back time in Ireland. This will allow eligible graduates who have studied in Irish higher education to search and grab the jobs in tenure of 2 year time.
Till now Canada, Australia were having stay back visa but the stay back visa of Ireland is stepping up its level to those countries. This 24 month stay back visa in Ireland will give relief to employers as well because they can hire the MS and Phd grads for more period of time.

Education in Ireland has vital role in IT,Medical sectors and there are lots of good universities like UCD TCD  who are offering masters as well as Phd level courses and such courses are categorized in the highly critical skills and providing good graduate visa scheme is necessary step from Irish government. This 24 months stay back visa scheme will attract mostly people from India, China who are being skeptical to travel and study in abroad countries like USA,UK. Non EU students can take relief for such good 24 months stay back visa in Ireland.

In short everyone can say that this is a wonderful decision by Irish government for better education and job prospects.  Please add your comments if you have any doubts on this 24 months stay back visa in Ireland  after Education in Ireland.

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Aryan Bansal: Amazon dreams after Education in Ireland

This interview was featured for Aryan Bansal who is currently working as Cloud Support Associate in Amazon, Ireland. He completed his cloud computing from National College Of Ireland. He is really a down to earth person and he advised in our interview about Irish education, Challenges which he faced , how professors helped him and how he prepared for Amazon to get job. According him international students in Ireland should come out of comfort zone and that is true if you want to achieve something you have to move out, communicate , work hard and struggle in worst situation. “Getting job in Ireland and that too in Amazon like company was a luck for me” said by Aryan but guys his luck was having lot of efforts behind it. I hope this inteview motivate you in your education and life.

Sujay Vishwanathapalli: From Fresher to Junior Project Manager in Lidl, Ireland

Its a casual interview with Sujay who got a good career growth after coming to Dublin, Ireland in National College Of Ireland. He is currently working as Junior Project Manager in Lidl,Ireland which is very great thing from everyone’s perspective. In this interview we just had chat about Irish Education, Irish Work Experience and his Irish study journey. If you are looking for Jobs in Ireland or Jobs in Dublin you can follow Sujay’s instructions. As mentioned by Sujay getting jobs in Ireland is not that much easy but it is not Impossible. Sujay is from India and he tells his story about his whole education journey so guys do watch it and share if you like.


Complete List of Things to Carry to Ireland For Students (with proper Checklist)


Many people who have got admission in Irish university might be thinking that how will I get to know what are the things that are required for students to survive in ireland. Don’t worry Ireland has everything but just to save your money you should buy the many things in India. Below is the of Things to Carry to Ireland For Students (with proper Checklist). Please read it and follow it:

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Ireland student visa procedure and document checklist

irish-visa-application-formEverybody might have got there admits for September/ January intakes so June and July is best time to apply for Ireland student visa for September intake and November and December are the good dates for the January intake. But as this might be first time experience for few people for travelling to Ireland. I would like to write Ireland student visa procedure as well as I will list down Ireland student visa document checklist.

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Visa Process after you arrive in Ireland

Visa you get in Ireland is just valid for 10 days. If you don’t fly within 10 days after your visa approval your visa will be rejected. When you reach to ireland the Local Airport Authority will put a stamp of 3 months on your visa that means you can stay till 3 months in Ireland. To extend your visa for whole education tenure or time you need to register with GNIB office. The process is explained in following video.

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Apartments or houses to Rent in Dublin for Students

Rent in Dublin

Rent In Dublin
Rent In Dublin

May, June and July is the period in which all international students might have got their admits in dream irish universities and they are really happy about there admits.  But I personally think that once you get admit more pressure is on your mind like what to buy before leaving for Ireland.  Main doubt everybody is having in there mind is where will I live when I move to Ireland. Don’t worry guys If you are coming to Irish university which is in Dublin I have good solution for you for your accommodation in Dublin.

For finding house to Rent in Dublin it is like finding God in the Universe. People from world come to Ireland in September for education for fall in take and apartments to Rent in Dublin are very less because Ireland has very less population and henceforth very less count of houses to rent in Dublin. But don’t panic guys I have some streamlined approach for getting flats to Rent in Dublin. Here each and every house owner needs the reference for living and students find very difficult to get reference and all.

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IELTS score requirements for Irish university(Ireland Universities) for International students

IELTS Score requirements for Irish university IELTS Score requirements for  Irish university

IELTS Score requirements for  Irish university Trinity College Dublin(TCD) is

6.5 overall and no individual band below 6

For dental and medical courses it is 7 overall and no individual band below 7

IELTS Score requirements for  Irish university University College Dublin(UCD) is

6.5 overall and no individual band below 6

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Ireland Visa requirements for study in Ireland

paassportIreland visa requirements is general query for all people who are aspiring towards Ireland.Visa process in Ireland is pretty much very different and quite expensive also. For students visa process will be quite easy in terms of interview because there will not be any interview for your visa like United States of America.

One more headache is also not there for university application in Ireland. No need to give GRE. so two benefits for Study in Ireland no interview for Student Visa in Ireland and No GRE for application to universities.    For application in Ireland you will need IELTS score for Ireland universities

Minimum IELTS score required for Irish universities is 5 but you will not that much good universities but if you want good universities in Ireland you should get 6.5 in IELTS.

If you have a gap in your previous study and post study you should provide some supporting documents like if you are doing job you should provide offer letter of job or if you were doing some courses you should provide supporting study material.

Also if you are volunteering in some events and in some programs you can mention them with documentation proofs.

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