Visa Process after you arrive in Ireland

Visa you get in Ireland is just valid for 10 days. If you don’t fly within 10 days after your visa approval your visa will be rejected. When you reach to ireland the Local Airport Authority will put a stamp of 3 months on your visa that means you can stay till 3 months in Ireland. To extend your visa for whole education tenure or time you need to register with GNIB office. The process is explained in following video.

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Apartments or houses to Rent in Dublin for Students

Rent in Dublin

Rent In Dublin
Rent In Dublin

May, June and July is the period in which all international students might have got their admits in dream irish universities and they are really happy about there admits.  But I personally think that once you get admit more pressure is on your mind like what to buy before leaving for Ireland.  Main doubt everybody is having in there mind is where will I live when I move to Ireland. Don’t worry guys If you are coming to Irish university which is in Dublin I have good solution for you for your accommodation in Dublin.

For finding house to Rent in Dublin it is like finding God in the Universe. People from world come to Ireland in September for education for fall in take and apartments to Rent in Dublin are very less because Ireland has very less population and henceforth very less count of houses to rent in Dublin. But don’t panic guys I have some streamlined approach for getting flats to Rent in Dublin. Here each and every house owner needs the reference for living and students find very difficult to get reference and all.

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IELTS score requirements for Irish university(Ireland Universities) for International students

IELTS Score requirements for Irish university IELTS Score requirements for  Irish university

IELTS Score requirements for  Irish university Trinity College Dublin(TCD) is

6.5 overall and no individual band below 6

For dental and medical courses it is 7 overall and no individual band below 7

IELTS Score requirements for  Irish university University College Dublin(UCD) is

6.5 overall and no individual band below 6

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Ireland Visa requirements for study in Ireland

paassportIreland visa requirements is general query for all people who are aspiring towards Ireland.Visa process in Ireland is pretty much very different and quite expensive also. For students visa process will be quite easy in terms of interview because there will not be any interview for your visa like United States of America.

One more headache is also not there for university application in Ireland. No need to give GRE. so two benefits for Study in Ireland no interview for Student Visa in Ireland and No GRE for application to universities.    For application in Ireland you will need IELTS score for Ireland universities

Minimum IELTS score required for Irish universities is 5 but you will not that much good universities but if you want good universities in Ireland you should get 6.5 in IELTS.

If you have a gap in your previous study and post study you should provide some supporting documents like if you are doing job you should provide offer letter of job or if you were doing some courses you should provide supporting study material.

Also if you are volunteering in some events and in some programs you can mention them with documentation proofs.

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Jobs in Ireland after you study in Ireland?

DISCLAIMER: Its completely a personal experience scenarios which I will be putting in front of you about Job market in Ireland. I have researched it on facebook,whatsapp and every social platform to discover the Job market of Ireland. If you want to make sure about Jobs in Ireland you can follow jobs section in on our website to keep updated about job news in Ireland.

Jobs in Ireland for International Students who study in Ireland

In our India companies offer Jobs in hand within 2 days of recruitment process but in Ireland case is different for hiring freshers as well as experience proferssionals.

For freshers in Ireland, if you come to Ireland for a one year course and in Fall of 2015 ( September or October) your course starts, most he of companies would accept applications of Graduate students in Oct-Dec of 2015 and there job will start in Next year in September 2015.

So usually, companies in Ireland  begin their recruitment  mission one year before the job begins, so that student who is graduating from University have job immediately after he finish his course.

Job application process in Ireland is quite similar to countries like US UK or Australia(No Easygoin Campus recruitment).You will have to apply online then telephonic interview and then go for actual face to face round where you will actually get confirmation whether you are in or not. If you are unlucky then you will be asked for more interviews for further process but if you are out of the box in talent then you will definitely be in.So you need a lot of  patience as you will spend so much time on one Job opening.

As you are in different country you will have to prepare your CV and Cover letter according the requirement of Ireland and also adorn you LinkedIn profile with your skills to attract top notch IT employers.

Jobs in Ireland for Foreign Students

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How to live while you study in Ireland?

c37363fce411528f_shutterstock_192493574.xxxlarge_2xHow to live while you study in Ireland?

Study in Ireland is becoming famous among people.Most of the students come from middle background family so while choosing country of study they should also consider the facts for their survival in that country. I feel that this is one of the most important part you should read and remember carefully to study in Ireland.

To study in Ireland You will have to consider Travelling and Transportation,House Reting and Accomodation,Cost of living(Living standard specifically in Dublin Ireland) and your basic food needs and grocery shops.

Travelling and Transportation

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MS in Ireland is best option

ms in ireland

Why I choose MS in Ireland rather than USA or UK or Australia?

Everyone wants to step up there career with higher education and its very important decision of their life because its last option(not exactly) where you can turn your future into some extra miles so why not try MS in Ireland.

Sorry I forgot to introduce my self I am Jayesh from India.I choose MS in Ireland because its too much cost effective, Irish culture and its booming Tech Market.

I choose  M.Sc. In Data Analytics  from National College Of Ireland to enter into growing data analytics market.

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