Top 5 frauds in Ireland that happen with International Students

There are lot of stories about fraudulent activities that happen with international students in Ireland so every international students in Ireland should be aware of those frauds. Below enlisted frauds are most commonly observed by different international students but there are numerous so you need to be aware of them before you come to Ireland or once you are here in Ireland

Frauds In Ireland

Be Alert

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Master of Science in Digital Marketing in Ireland by Vinita Raidu

Lot of students are reaching out to me for getting information about study in Ireland for Indian students or Non-EU students. They are asking me information about Master of Science in Digital Marketing. For studying digital marketing in Ireland I have compiled a couple of important queries which I will be addressing them in this blog post. This blog post will help students who are willing to study in top universities in Ireland.

Master of Science in Digital Marketing in Ireland

Vinita Raidu

Ex LinkedIner | Ex Amazonian

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How to get job in Ireland on dependent visa?

Pratiksha Biradar from India explains how to get job in Ireland while on dependent visa. She came from Pune to Ireland in July 2017 and within span of 1-2 months she got 2 to 3 offers of job here in Dublin, Ireland while she was on dependent visa. As everyone know that from 2019 dependent/ stamp 3 holders can straight away work here in Ireland still there are some bullet points that Pratiksha will explain about how to find or get job in Ireland on dependent visa.

Pratiksha Biradar

Software Engineer @ Guidewire, Ireland

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Ireland Dependent Visa/ Spouse Visa/ Stamp 3

Once you complete MS in Ireland or if you come onsite to Ireland you can’t leave behind your dependents or spouses. Hence you will have to file Join Spouse Visa for Ireland and you also can file visa for your dependent kids to join you in Ireland.

Current processing times for dependent visa applications according to sponsors visa type are as below

Stamp1 : 6 months & Stamp 4 : Approx 1 year & Citizen- 1year+

Below are the basic steps to file the dependent visa

1.        Completing online visa application form 
2.        Collecting and Organizing the supporting documents 
3.        Submitting the visa application packet to nearest embassy of VFS Global office

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MS in Ireland FAQ

Its been 2 years we started this blog and many of the questions which come in your mind are mostly the same as we think about quality of education in ireland, job opportunities and many more so we have compiled some frequently asked questions here in this post so do read it before poking people on Facebook and LinkedIn who are in Ireland :P:P

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Ireland student visa procedure and document checklist

irish-visa-application-formEverybody might have got there admits for September/ January intakes so June and July is best time to apply for Ireland student visa for September intake and November and December are the good dates for the January intake. But as this might be first time experience for few people for travelling to Ireland. I would like to write Ireland student visa procedure as well as I will list down Ireland student visa document checklist.

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Visa Process after you arrive in Ireland

Visa you get in Ireland is just valid for 10 days. If you don’t fly within 10 days after your visa approval your visa will be rejected. When you reach to ireland the Local Airport Authority will put a stamp of 3 months on your visa that means you can stay till 3 months in Ireland. To extend your visa for whole education tenure or time you need to register with GNIB office. The process is explained in following video.

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