Top 5 frauds in Ireland that happen with International Students

There are lot of stories about fraudulent activities that happen with international students in Ireland so every international students in Ireland should be aware of those frauds. Below enlisted frauds are most commonly observed by different international students but there are numerous so you need to be aware of them before you come to Ireland or once you are here in Ireland

Frauds In Ireland

Be Alert

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How to get job in Ireland on dependent visa?

Pratiksha Biradar from India explains how to get job in Ireland while on dependent visa. She came from Pune to Ireland in July 2017 and within span of 1-2 months she got 2 to 3 offers of job here in Dublin, Ireland while she was on dependent visa. As everyone know that from 2019 dependent/ stamp 3 holders can straight away work here in Ireland still there are some bullet points that Pratiksha will explain about how to find or get job in Ireland on dependent visa.

Pratiksha Biradar

Software Engineer @ Guidewire, Ireland

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Ireland Dependent Visa/ Spouse Visa/ Stamp 3

Once you complete MS in Ireland or if you come onsite to Ireland you can’t leave behind your dependents or spouses. Hence you will have to file Join Spouse Visa for Ireland and you also can file visa for your dependent kids to join you in Ireland.

Current processing times for dependent visa applications according to sponsors visa type are as below

Stamp1 : 6 months & Stamp 4 : Approx 1 year & Citizen- 1year+

Below are the basic steps to file the dependent visa

1.        Completing online visa application form 
2.        Collecting and Organizing the supporting documents 
3.        Submitting the visa application packet to nearest embassy of VFS Global office

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David Nath with Finance and Stats background from UCD explains ‘How to get job in Ireland?’

David has completed his education and grabbed job here in Ireland with one of the top tax advisory firm KPMG Ireland with finance and stats background. Lot of international students ask how to get job in ireland after doing MS or Bachelors in Finance related courses so for them this is the interview snipped of David. Please read it and comment your questions so that David can answer them.


1.How you find Irish student life? How you survived in Irish lifestyle? What challenges u faced? What are
advantages and disadvantages studying in Ireland?


How to get job in Ireland
It was my dream to travel abroad for my higher education and incidentally I chose Ireland. I did a bit of research on Ireland before my journey and found out that they are extremely friendly and ”full of craic” people. And to be honest they are. Most of the people over here are lovely. Coming from a different culture and quite a closed society where studying abroad is mostly glared or negatively commented upon, I would say the student life over here is quite exciting. I only started drinking or going out to clubs for the first time over here and it has been ecstatic for me. Maybe at times, I was a bit carried away by the whole of Irish aura and being the first time to travel somewhere so far but overall it has been a wonderful experience.Irish culture I would say is one of the biggest challenges over here apart from of course, securing a job but the later part is difficult everywhere (explained in detail in q3). I would say every country you shall be visiting; the first thing is to know about is its culture. If you are more acquainted with its culture you would feel more at
home and feel more welcomed by the residents of the country. But fortunately, I had my host family to teach me about that and I think that I have a pretty good grasp of Irish culture right now. I have also been commented by many people that they thought I have been living here for many years since according to
them, I have “imbibed” their culture quite well.

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Swagat Mhaske from UCD explains ‘How to get job in Ireland?’

Swagat Mhaske has completed his graduation from UCD in 2017 and now he is working in Bank Of Ireland which is great place to work here in Ireland. We will discuss his journey about his higher education in Ireland and how he got job in Ireland. His some tips for new international students will be really helpful for How to get job in Ireland?

1.How you find Irish student life? How you survived in Irish
lifestyle? What challenges you faced? What are advantages and
dis-advantages studying in Ireland?

Ireland was never known for its further education system before 5-6 years, at least not in
India. Most of my relatives and friends ask me why I chose Ireland as the destination for my
masters. This is because there are some defined countries to do MS, and so most of my fellow
mates went to the States or Canada. But on an honest note, Ireland offers the best of both
worlds. And now here I am, writing the blog from Dublin.
After coming to Ireland, I do not regret my decision of living a life of Irish student. I still
remember my first day of college, wandering in the UCD campus, being scared and nervous,
but high as a kite for the new phase. And right from the first day, I started adapting to Irish
culture. Studying in Ireland gives you an opportunity to make friends from different nations,
and this is what gives a sense of education abroad.
It is very important to get yourself involved in activities going around in the University
campus or Dublin city, be it some event, meetups or any Indian festival. I think study abroad
not just relates to academics, but co-curricular activities as well and what we call an
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Top 5 IT jobs in Ireland for international students 2018

Many intentional students are heading towards Ireland as their masters or bachelors study destination so for them getting job is primary thing. We have prepared list of top 5 jobs in Ireland  for international students.

1.Software Engineer/ Software Developer  jobs in Ireland for international students

On LinkedIn around 2100 jobs with job title Software engineer / Software developer tops the Ireland job market in 2018. Software engineer / Software developer jobs in Ireland for the international students is good gateway to settle down here in Ireland. The skills required for those jobs vary from Programming languages like Java, C, C++ ,C Sharp,Python databases like MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle, MongoDB and basic algorithmic and data structure knowledge. Software Engineer job title is vast hence it has vast variety of technologies involved with it. Hence good chance for international students to grab these jobs as they are abundant in nature and this is the one of the best IT jobs in Ireland for international students with basic knowledge of Programming Languages , OOP Concepts , SQL queries and data structure and algorithms.

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List of websites for hunting jobs in Ireland

Jobs in Ireland that to in Dublin are increasing day by day. To hunt these jobs highgrads is creating list of websites for hunting jobs in Ireland.  This list will help graduates and IT professionals for job hunting.Please have a look for below list of websites:


Most of the Jobs in Ireland are found on Below websites

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How to file Critical Skills Employment Permit to work in Ireland?

Ireland has been growing with digital and IT market in the current decade. It is expected that it will grow in future with tremendous speed. This growth will need the digital and IT skills people to work in Ireland. Critical skills employment permit is required to work in Ireland which known as Stamp 1 here in Ireland. This Critical skills employment permit can be filed for only few job titles which are mentioned on DJEI website. Those jobs are only entitled for work permits in Ireland which are highly skilled.

If a person gets salary more than Euro 30k salary he is eligible for work in Ireland with Critical Skills Employment Permit – Stamp 1. More rules can be found on the website called DJEI website. To work in Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit – Stamp 1 should be filed by either the employer who is offering job or the employee who got the job offer more than 30k in Ireland in specified IT field.Above video by Parvez Mulani will guide a person or employee who wants to file his work permit on his own. For more information visit DJEI website.

Aryan Bansal: Amazon dreams after Education in Ireland

This interview was featured for Aryan Bansal who is currently working as Cloud Support Associate in Amazon, Ireland. He completed his cloud computing from National College Of Ireland. He is really a down to earth person and he advised in our interview about Irish education, Challenges which he faced , how professors helped him and how he prepared for Amazon to get job. According him international students in Ireland should come out of comfort zone and that is true if you want to achieve something you have to move out, communicate , work hard and struggle in worst situation. “Getting job in Ireland and that too in Amazon like company was a luck for me” said by Aryan but guys his luck was having lot of efforts behind it. I hope this inteview motivate you in your education and life.