How to get job in Ireland

David has completed his education and grabbed job here in Ireland with one of the top tax advisory firm KPMG Ireland with finance and stats background. Lot of international students ask how to get job in ireland after doing MS or Bachelors in Finance related courses so for them this is the interview snipped of David. Please read it and comment your questions so that David can answer them.


1.How you find Irish student life? How you survived in Irish lifestyle? What challenges u faced? What are
advantages and disadvantages studying in Ireland?


How to get job in Ireland
It was my dream to travel abroad for my higher education and incidentally I chose Ireland. I did a bit of research on Ireland before my journey and found out that they are extremely friendly and ”full of craic” people. And to be honest they are. Most of the people over here are lovely. Coming from a different culture and quite a closed society where studying abroad is mostly glared or negatively commented upon, I would say the student life over here is quite exciting. I only started drinking or going out to clubs for the first time over here and it has been ecstatic for me. Maybe at times, I was a bit carried away by the whole of Irish aura and being the first time to travel somewhere so far but overall it has been a wonderful experience.Irish culture I would say is one of the biggest challenges over here apart from of course, securing a job but the later part is difficult everywhere (explained in detail in q3). I would say every country you shall be visiting; the first thing is to know about is its culture. If you are more acquainted with its culture you would feel more at
home and feel more welcomed by the residents of the country. But fortunately, I had my host family to teach me about that and I think that I have a pretty good grasp of Irish culture right now. I have also been commented by many people that they thought I have been living here for many years since according to
them, I have “imbibed” their culture quite well.

One more thing I want to tell everyone is that it’s a crazy myth that Irish people only live on stew and potatoes. I have heard so many stories about other acquaintances of mine who have stayed over here studied here for years but sadly this isn’t true at all at least not for the last few years. The host family I have been living with for the past few years have been my family, friends and guardians and my landlady is one of my favourite cooks who can make gorgeous meals. I was quite surprised to see that I get the same meal only once or twice in a month and she always makes new recipes and gives quite a large portion of food.

Apart from all the above fact, I have never felt out of place over here. I would say the biggest advantage of living over here is that from a student perspective, it’s the “Emerald Isle” and steeping in internationalism everywhere and in all the universities, whereas from a diplomatic perspective, since the Brexit event it is the only English speaking country in Europe and opens the door to other European nations quite easily, not to mention the fact that several multinational companies have setup their European HQs in Ireland. Hence travelling here would be quite a boon in the short as well as long run and the statistics would support my statement that over the last few years there has been steady increase in the number of international students in Ireland.

Speaking about disadvantages, the housing crisis in Ireland is horrendous. I would say this is because as I said before there has been steady increase of international students congregating in Ireland for higher studies and for that it needs more accommodation. It has been easier for me to get accommodation from UCD website but I have heard several tales from others regarding this crisis. I hope the government sorts out this problem soon but one must start looking for accommodation quite early and please beware of the numerous scams going on everywhere. As we know ponds have swans as well as frogs, it is quite easy to get manipulated by fraudulent people asking for money to be sent over to book rooms taking opportunity of the crisis.

The important thing to remember is you have travelled a long way to come to a new country. Drown in the culture, study well and have loads of entertainment and you shall be fine.

2.How you find Irish colleges and their education system? How it helped you in your career?

This is a perspective answer. I cannot say about Irish colleges in general but UCD is quite a good international college full of diversity and support systems. Sometimes the classes can be a bit overwhelming but with right friends and classmates you shall never find yourself to be bored. To be honest, I found the theoretical part of my subject (which is Statistics btw nothing too fancy) to be easier. The best thing about Irish education system I would say is the practicality of the courses. Over here, I find the courses are loaded with more practical knowledge with real-world applications which helps eventually in the job market by increasing your “soft” as well as “hard” skills, instead of being overloaded with loads of theory.

In some of the courses especially the business ones had internships available which will create more opportunities and networks for you in the professional world making it easier for you to connect.

3.Basic tips to look for jobs in Ireland? How to get job in Ireland? Basic skills to get in Irish job market.

Irish job market like anywhere else is a competitive one and I would say it’s not easy considering the fact that there are several thousands of intelligent people applying for the same position. But I would say this to everyone that perseverance and patience is the key to getting jobs anywhere. If you are good enough and you feel confident enough, you shall get a job. Don’t feel discouraged and disheartened when others are achieving something in one go and you aren’t because maybe you shall get a better position more enjoyable and suited to your interests than the current one you are interviewing for. Since this interview is aimed at targeting international students so standing in that platform I would say each one of you are capable of getting a job since each one of you are intelligent and brave enough to travel far and come to Ireland and study here, so you have got the educational qualifications. Try to get involved in different extracurricular activities, volunteering activities, anything that might help improve and showcase the soft skills in your CV. Research on the company that you are applying for, look the part in the interview, be confident and success will follow.

4.How did you get your job? What jobs and experiences have led you to your present position? How was your
journey from a fresher student in UCD to current company? How u achieved such great position in very less

There is no easy answer to go on job hunting. No “Accio job” spells. The simple way was for me to apply for a company, if I get selected for the interview then research it and do my best in the interview. The first time didn’t get well at all but with each interview you learn and gain experience. As stated by Conor McGregor – “You either win or you learn”, I adopted the same strategy and I became stronger and confident with each interview.

I did not have any kind of job or professional experience before studying in Ireland. But that shouldn’t stop you. Nowadays employers are mostly looking for “transferable” skills for graduate programmes, it is true that if you got job experience it is an added bonus but if you haven’t its not the end of the world. For myself, I knew I had a good academic record. I delved myself in several extracurricular activities in my college days as well as the fact that I had quite a few volunteering experiences which added to my “soft” or “transferable” skills. I updated my LinkedIn periodically and in the end, I looked the part in the interview and gave my interviewers as much genuine information as possible about my skills with confidence and humility.


It wasn’t less time to be honest since I had only one month left before I had to go back to India forever before I received an offer. It was a proud and happy moment for me. But what I did was get my priorities right and for that you need to study hard enough, get enough entertainment in life (haha), engage in different activities, build connections and apply to different companies. This is not rocket science but very simple steadfast long term solution to a short term problem.

5.What were the keys to your career advancement? How did you get where you are and what are your long-
range goals?

This is quite hard to encompass into one answer since there shall be a lot of things for me to say. But in short, hard work, ambition, focus, the drive to take initiatives and my personality are the keys to my career advancement.

I would say particularly say that all of this wouldn’t have been possible without a single dream that came to me when I was in the first year of my college. Obviously, my parents and my uncle and aunt have been supportive of me studying abroad but for years I have been fuelling my own ambition and stay focused to achieve my own hard-earned goals. It has been not very easy, and one could easily lose sight of the dream which might seem seemingly impossible at that time due to the cultural atmosphere but once I kept it alive, it was easier for me to get to where I am now.

My long-term goals consist of traveling as much as possible and working harder to drive my ambitions. I would like to work in different positions and departments in the current company which would help me gain expertise and experience that would be beneficial for me in the long run.

6.What are the skills that are most important for a position in this field?

As mentioned before, the interviewers nowadays are looking for transferable skills, like time management, leadership qualities, ability to work in team, initiativeness, Problem handling, Multitasking, sticking to deadlines, and of course your own personality. Apart from this, your knowledge and expertise in your own area and keeping in tune and sight of the area you are applying for, educational qualifications, a thirst for handling new challenges all add to the above skills. These are very important for every kind of interview that I have ever encountered.

7.What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job?

Again, these have been mentioned above. To read about data analytics field interview click here for Swagat’s interview.

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  1. Hey! I am planning to enroll myself in MSC in management program from National college of Ireland and the fact i came to know from my friend is that there is least scope for management studies in Dublin. Please provide me your views on this from you experience.

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