Ireland has been growing with digital and IT market in the current decade. It is expected that it will grow in future with tremendous speed. This growth will need the digital and IT skills people to work in Ireland. Critical skills employment permit is required to work in Ireland which known as Stamp 1 here in Ireland. This Critical skills employment permit can be filed for only few job titles which are mentioned on DJEI website. Those jobs are only entitled for work permits in Ireland which are highly skilled.

If a person gets salary more than Euro 30k salary he is eligible for work in Ireland with Critical Skills Employment Permit – Stamp 1. More rules can be found on the website called DJEI website. To work in Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit – Stamp 1 should be filed by either the employer who is offering job or the employee who got the job offer more than 30k in Ireland in specified IT field.Above video by Parvez Mulani will guide a person or employee who wants to file his work permit on his own. For more information visit DJEI website.

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