Graduate Visa Ireland – 24 months stay back visa in Ireland

24 months stay back visa in Ireland
24 months stay back visa in Ireland

We already know the benefits of studying in Ireland but now there is really good opportunity  for people who want to study in Ireland. Till now there was 12 months stay back visa after MS OR Phd in Ireland but from now onward Irish Government has decided to extend  Stay back for 24 months for non-EU/EEA students who will study at level 9 and above of the National Framework of Qualifications . That means the Graduate visa in Ireland will have 24 months of validity and its big as well as valuable stay back time in Ireland. This will allow eligible graduates who have studied in Irish higher education to search and grab the jobs in tenure of 2 year time.
Till now Canada, Australia were having stay back visa but the stay back visa of Ireland is stepping up its level to those countries. This 24 month stay back visa in Ireland will give relief to employers as well because they can hire the MS and Phd grads for more period of time.

Education in Ireland has vital role in IT,Medical sectors and there are lots of good universities like UCD TCD  who are offering masters as well as Phd level courses and such courses are categorized in the highly critical skills and providing good graduate visa scheme is necessary step from Irish government. This 24 months stay back visa scheme will attract mostly people from India, China who are being skeptical to travel and study in abroad countries like USA,UK. Non EU students can take relief for such good 24 months stay back visa in Ireland.

In short everyone can say that this is a wonderful decision by Irish government for better education and job prospects.  Please add your comments if you have any doubts on this 24 months stay back visa in Ireland  after Education in Ireland.

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