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About me

What’s the craic, lads? I’m Dinesh an international Masters student from the UCD 2017-2018 batch. I was in Dublin for two years and started job in Europe in 2019 currently working with Amazon as Data Scientist in Luxembourg. For me, Ireland was like home away from home.

Why you came to Ireland?

Back when I was working with HSBC, I decided to pursue Masters in Data Science from the top-ranked Irish university. Having a strong programming experience, it was a good decision I have made and it paid off like game buster. For me, preparation for entrance and applications roughly took a year.

How did you get a job in Ireland?

Having a good CV and up to date LinkedIn profile improves your chances to land an interview call. UCD’s Career Development cell provided great support in my CV and interview preparation. Many companies post their job vacancies on universities’ internal job portal and external job portals like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn Jobs. I used to put dedicated time to check those portals and apply accordingly. I have also attended couple of job fairs which helped me to network with HR. I have seen many students apply for the jobs at end of second or in third semester. I think it’s too late and you should start applying for the jobs early.

Any problems you have faced while you were living in Ireland?

I found Irish culture very inclusive and friendly. Apart from the accommodation hunt in Dublin everything worked pretty well for me. I was living in private house (we used to call it Haveli) very close to campus. It was handy for me to use library at odd times and Haveli was perfect place for my friends to organize awesome dinner parties.

Why you chose to work in Luxembourg or do job in Europe?

Before moving to Luxembourg, I was working in JP Morgan & Chase in Dublin. For better career opportunities I decided to move to Lux to work with Amazon. Just a note, Schengen countries work visa is different than Irish ones. So, if you are looking jobs outside of Ireland always find a stable company which can sponsor your work visa.Job in Europe can be found on websites like stackoverflow, linkedin, where you can filter jobs with visa sponsorships.

What is the job routine?

My typical day starts around 8:30am and finishes around 5:30pm (at least I try to). Generally, I keep my morning time to myself to focus on my tasks and afternoon time to attend meetings with stakeholders. I always try to keep my Friday evening meetings and deadline earlier. Trust me this will help you to enjoy your weekend. My team is very sociable and we go for the blast at least once a fortnight.

How you update yourself with current constant technology changes?

Working in technical domain makes it bit challenging to keep yourself up to date with technology changes. In my free time, I leverage online courses from Coursera, Pluralsight, Linux Academy, Acloudguru and other learning platforms. If you are working in company, explore the learning resources available there, sign up for classroom trainings. Also, try to attend Meetup (it’s an app) events.

How to keep Work-Life balance?

Remember, keeping the balance is always up to you! Due to work load many people don’t get time to spend on their hobbies. It is very important and vital to understand the difference between ‘Work to Live’ vs ‘Live to Work’. Keep a habit of finishing work in office hours and use your personal time for family, friends and your hobbies.

What is your approach to get job in completely different technology that you never worked before?

Find the common skillsets required in the new domains and focus on it. Having recognized certificates will surely add value in your CV. If possible, complete dedicated courses from Universities. Start building small projects step by step and showcase your leanings on LinkedIn. And who knows, your next interview call might be through LinkedIn!

What advice will you give to people who want to move from Service based companies to product based companies with good tech stack?

As you know, in service-based company you are mostly working for other client but in product-based companies you will be working on company’s products. Factors like technology stack plays very important role. Generally, product-based companies will have their specific tools or programming frameworks and you should consider to excel in it before applying. Also, you can do specialized certification for that specific tech stack.

When you start a new job,what are your steps to get onboard quickly and start working?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Get to know your business as quickly as possible. Join every meeting in your agenda. Write down summary of the meeting in your own understanding. Schedule 1:1 meeting with your stakeholders and understand their role in the business.

job in europe
Dinesh Mane

My advice to others

Always challenge yourself and get comfortable with not knowing everything. Be good at asking, and finding answers to your questions. Believe me, it is scary when you first start to mix together everything you’ve learned but eventually, everything will make sense. Have a mentor in your university or company who will guide you to grow in your career.Keep a habit of making notes in your notebook (physical or One Note) and refer those if needed.

Good luck! Reach out to me if you are planning to do job in Europe.

Dinesh Mane
Data Scientist @ Amazon
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