How to get job in Ireland on dependent visa?

Pratiksha Biradar from India explains how to get job in Ireland while on dependent visa. She came from Pune to Ireland in July 2017 and within span of 1-2 months she got 2 to 3 offers of job here in Dublin, Ireland while she was on dependent visa. As everyone know that from 2019 dependent/ stamp 3 holders can straight away work here in Ireland still there are some bullet points that Pratiksha will explain about how to find or get job in Ireland on dependent visa.

Pratiksha Biradar

Software Engineer @ Guidewire, Ireland

Change the CV to Ireland CV format or 1 page CV format

The first thing I did when I came to Ireland is updated my CV according to current Irish Format and also I made the CV just 1 page. I know its difficult to put your experience in 1 page CV but you can do one thing you can put all your extra information on LinkedIn. You can put your actual experience in CV with some bullet points, skill set , your Visa Status(Eligible to work in Ireland with link to INIS Website that explains Stamp 3 holder work visa rules),hobbies and any additional achievements. I would suggest make it 1 page CV as that will just take 10 mins for a recruiter to scan your CV easily and they can find additional information on LinkedIn.

Prepare your LinkedIn Profile

This is one of the most important task which needs to be done before looking for job in Ireland on dependent visa. LinkedIn profile is the best platform where you can provide information about projects that you worked on in detail, you can mention your career goals and aspirations on it, you can mention your skills and ask your friends to endorse those skills on linkedin and most important thing ask for recommendation of your previous managers on linkedin. LinkedIn plays a vital role in your job journey here in Ireland or any where else in world.

My LinkedIn Profile

Once you prepare your linkedin profile you are good to go for making new connections on linkedin. Rather than wasting time on social media like instagram and facebook for initial months try to use linkedin as your social media site and make as many connections as possible on linkedin. Send connections to recruiters of different companies, recruitment agents, company directors and your friends on linkedin. Go for meetups and make some connections there also so that you will get to know how exactly the Irish job market works.

Take roller coaster to Apply Jobs In Ireland

To be honest this was most time consuming task to be done in hunting the jobs but we don’t have any option so we have to do it or else it will be difficult to get job in Ireland on dependent visa. I used to apply for 10 jobs daily no matter what happens and eventually I applied for 150+ jobs in span of 1 month. You can apply for jobs on below websites mentioned on this blog. I found Glassdoor pretty interesting as I used to apply for latest jobs on Glassdoor daily as well as LinkedIn is obviously a powerful job hunting site.Out of 150 jobs I just got 10 Interview calls out of them so ratio is 1:15 for getting call for an interview.So it is extremely important to convert those interview calls into job as we have very less options.

Resolve Queries of recruiters about Stamp 3 or Dependent visa work permit

Once you apply for plenty of jobs in Ireland you will get calls from recruiters and they will be mostly confused about your job status. Take few minutes to explain the recruiter about new rules of Stamp 3 or Dependent visa work permit also send them link of INIS website where all those rules are explained. You can meet recruiters face to face over coffee also, to clarify those doubts. In this way you can resolve queries about your visa status and clear your way to get job in Ireland on dependent visa. If recruiter is not willing to provide you a job try to follow back with them on emails about your situation till they don’t understand because it is always good to explain visa rules to them so that every recruiter gets to know how those rules are applicable to you.

Interview preparation

As I did most of the interviews in IT jobs the typical interview process was 3 4 stages with telephonic round, technical round, behavioural round and final HR call if the offer is made. Telephonic rounds will cover your CV related questions and basic technical questions on programming language, databases and CV related topics. Technical face to face round will be more deep into CV where they will ask you to explain how you did a particular project, what technical aspects you used in your project? those kind of questions are easier if you have really worked on those technologies. Once technical round is done behavioural round will check your managerial or team work skills where you will be judged on your behaviour in different kind of situations in team. Questions in behavioural round can be answered with STAR technique and you can find sample questions on Google.

Before going to any interview just go through some interview questions asked in that company on Glassdoor so that you will get an Idea how the interview structure will be and which questions are asked in interview. Once you prepare well for your interview be confident while answering and definitely you will get job in Ireland on Dependent visa with no doubt.

Salary Negotiation

If you are experienced then you can definitely negotiate the salary but don’t make it too complicated that they will choose other candidate over you so be flexible about salary as getting job In Ireland on dependent visa is little challenging task we should also be flexible towards salary. Once you get stamp 4 you can switch jobs and increase your salary.

I am writing this blog for those who are looking for jobs in Ireland on dependent or stamp 3 visa. I explained all the things which I experienced during my job journey so it might be suitable for few people or it might not be suitable for some people but the approach can be taken in similar way so all the best for your job hunt and let me know if you have any doubts on LinkedIn.

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