c37363fce411528f_shutterstock_192493574.xxxlarge_2xHow to live while you study in Ireland?

Study in Ireland is becoming famous among people.Most of the students come from middle background family so while choosing country of study they should also consider the facts for their survival in that country. I feel that this is one of the most important part you should read and remember carefully to study in Ireland.

To study in Ireland You will have to consider Travelling and Transportation,House Reting and Accomodation,Cost of living(Living standard specifically in Dublin Ireland) and your basic food needs and grocery shops.

Travelling and Transportation

While you study in Ireland I personally will recommend you please use cycle for travelling because cost of Public transportation is not that much affordable to various Indian Students as its very much more i.e. from €110 to €115 per month(It’s the student pass).

People in Dublin plan there daily travelling  on bicycles, I saw professors of college,Dance choreographers and even professionals in IT companies use bicycles for there daily travel so my dear students do prepare your self for travelling with Bike around 10 km a day(You can use Revital also :P).

Why I am insisting on Cycle while study in Ireland because you need to purchase only a cycle of €130 to €170 which is one time investment so you can purchase cycle and travel as long as you want.

Another way to avoid travelling problem is your accommodation location .If you get accommodation near university or college you will be very energetic but your money from pocket will at the rate of €450 to €550(Rs. 30000 to 40000) which is I think avg. salary of Indian IT professional. So option of bicycle is best rest depends on your incoming money flow.

House Renting and Accommodation

It really funny to say but it’s the truth Rahul Yadav’s Housing.com can only solve the problem of House renting and Accommodation in Ireland. Due to higher property taxes the Rental amount in Ireland are like multiplying year by year.

Students who study in Ireland land in Ireland(Tongue twister) in months of August, September and October and hence in those days rental prices touch to sky because student who come early book there accommodations and students who are remaining don’t hesitate to pay any amount for there shelter. So every student should plan there accommodation by reaching 2 weeks before their courses start.

At start you can get temporary accommodation in Hostels which costs around €15 to €20 depending upon the location or you can stay temporary at your friends place whom you know very well it worked for me well. After you get the temporary accomodation start to find the permanent accommodation in Ireland.

Remember only one formula closer you stay at university more money will be debited from you account.

To get cheaper rents you can stay away from college around 4 to 5 km so that expenses will be very less.

Below is the table for average student from middle class family on his Living standard while his study in Ireland

Living Need Cost
Renting 2 Bed Room apartment €1200/month
Light €20/month
Water €15/month
Internet €15/month
Total €1250(If you are 5 students then €250 each)


If you want to live on campus also, each University provides high class on campus accommodation but it is quite high and it ranges from €550 to €750 per month including light ,water ,internet and gym facilities which is too much expensive.

Food and Eatables

There will be supermarkets for students who will study in Ireland depending on their food requirements only the prices will be slightly higher than home country especially for people from India.There are various Indian stores which provide daily eatable items like flour , vegetables ,meat ,MDH Masala etc.

Restaurants in Ireland are too much expensive so be prepared your own cook as like master chef.

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