Once you complete MS in Ireland or if you come onsite to Ireland you can’t leave behind your dependents or spouses. Hence you will have to file Join Spouse Visa for Ireland and you also can file visa for your dependent kids to join you in Ireland.

Current processing times for dependent visa applications according to sponsors visa type are as below

Stamp1 : 6 months & Stamp 4 : Approx 1 year & Citizen- 1year+

Below are the basic steps to file the dependent visa

1.        Completing online visa application form 
2.        Collecting and Organizing the supporting documents 
3.        Submitting the visa application packet to nearest embassy of VFS Global office

Step 1 :  Completing online Ireland Dependent Visa application form 

Go to below website and complete the online application form and save it.


Step 2:  Collecting and Organizing the supporting documents 

Collect the list of below documents for Ireland dependent visa/ Ireland spouse visa

a.      2 passport-sized photographs according requirements in link(http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/Photograph%20Requirements
b.      Dependents/ Spouse’s original passport, valid for at least 12 months 
c.      All original previously-issued passports 
d.      Bank statements covering the past 6 months (originals or online printouts) 
e.      Proof of Dependents/ Spouse’s medical insurance plan in Ireland 
f.       Original visa support letter from company where sponsorere is workinng (sponsor should get it from HR department) 
g.      A colour copy of Sponsor’s Employment Permit 
h.      A colour copy of Sponsor’s passport 
i.       Original marriage certificate in English is must 
j.       PCC Certificate for  Dependents/ Spouse’s
k.    Colour copies of all items listed above (including all pages of current/previous passports even if blank)
  l. Printed Ireland Dependent Visa application form and visa application fees payment receipt.
  m. If dependent or spouse is working professional submit last 6 month payslips and offer letter copies also.

  l.Printed Ireland Dependent Visa application form and visa application fees payment receipt.

Also to show the visa officer for strong relationship proof collect below documents also

  • A signed letter from Dependents/ Spouse’s outlining why she/he is relocating to Ireland, and providing details of your relationship (e.g. how long you have been engaged, any joint trips or holidays),
  • Any utility bills, credit card bills or other bills that have both of your names on them,
  • Copies of actual credit cards, health insurance cards, or other ‘joint’ cards that you have together, showing the same account number,
  • Car, health or life insurance policy that has both of your names on the policy or the other spouse listed as the beneficiary,
  • Any bank or stock accounts that have both of your names on them,
  • Documentation of any holidays taken together, such as flight itineraries, hotel bills, pictures of you together on holiday,
  • Other family pictures of you together,
  • Copies of holiday cards/wishes addressed to both of you.
  • Skype Call / Whatsapp call screenshots and chat history
  • #10yearchallenge pics which show you both are in pictures and many proofs that tells you guys are together for long term.
  • If you did arrange marriage and married recently then show your marriage pics together with family and you.

Please make sure that you have all docs in English language or translated to English language. Also please check official website of Ireland Govt. below to make sure any new documents are required or not:


Once you fill application form verify it and print it and collect all documents with you. Do Notary or true copy attestation of all copies from reputed lawyer or any government official. Keep all docs together in packet.

Step 3: Submitting the visa application packet to nearest embassy of VFS Global office

Once your visa application packet is ready book an appointment with vfs global according to your schedule using below link


In VFS GLobal office you will require below docs

  • VFS office appointment letter and payment receipt
  • Visa Application Packet with all the documents

Visit vfs global office and do biometrics during your appointment and VFS global office will verify your application packet and send it to ireland embassy to Delhi. After specified processing time period your visa will arrive and don’t book travel tickets before you get Ireland Dependent Visa. Initially your dependent or spouse will get visa for 3 months so you can book tickets in those 3 months. All the best and comment in below if you have any queries.

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