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Its almost mid year completed and Ireland has given a really good fight for Covid-19 cases as Ireland has successfully tried to flatten the curve.But still we are long way to winning race as second wave might hit again so stay at home, take care of elders, download covid-19 tracker app, maintain social distancing and stay healthy. Till mid year Irish economy has see a bit of downward graph in employment due to Covid 19 but now the Ireland jobs opening rate has gone up since lockdown is opened. But FDI-Foreign Direct Investment has not stopped for Ireland due to Covid -19.

Mid Year performance of Ireland Economy and FDA

Irish economy was boosted during the disruptions of Covid-19 with continuous investment from 132 different companies across the globe. 54 new investments have been recorded till mid year and 44 existing companies have expanded their investments according to IDA. These investments will really help stimulate Irish economy for longer time.

Ireland jobs market in 2020

Job count in Ireland was hit by covid 19 with B2C businesses but slowly they are gaining momentum again.In total 9,600 jobs have been annonced by different FDI companies reported by IDA. Dublin leads with Job creation and investments but around 48% of those investments are performed in local regional counties like Athlone ,Galway, Limerick,Cork,Sligo etc.

Which companies have invested in Ireland in 2020? Ireland jobs are increasing.

Mastercard, Hubspot,Udemy,Slack and BearingPoint are few tech companies in Dublin which have invested billions in Irish job market with FDI by creating numerous job opportunities. Other companies are listed below with respect to their county/region
doTerra-Cork and many other global companies like Huwei,TCS,Wipro,DNB,Eshopworld,Regeneron etc.

Which companies are still hiring in 2020 Pandemic?

Slack, Mastercard, Udemy, Toast, Citibank,Dun&Bradstreet, Apple, Google, Facebook, Groupon, Fidelity Investments, Hubspot, Intercom, Johnson and Johns, Techfynder, Test Traingle, Softest are few companies which are still hiring remote talent to expand their businesses in Ireland. Check LinkedIn and Glassdoor frequently to see the roles open from these companies. According to IDA till mid 2020 upto 1500 global companies are employing 250k employees in Multinational sector so this boosts Irish economy in lot of ways.

July 2020 7 Billion € Stimulus package

Irish government has granted 7Billion€ for stimulating economy in different sectors. This package includes help to buy scheme for new home buyers who can claim till 30k€. There is really good news for international students in Ireland as Irish government is planning to invest 100million€ in third level institutes to boost education sector. Also Unemployment payment claims, FDI Support, Local and Small Scale SME support are included in this stimulus package. This package is historical government support in Ireland till date and it will surely boost the Irish economy to required levels.

No matter what happens we have to rise again after a great fall so thats what Mr.Leo Varadkar, Mr. Martin and Mr. Simon Harris are planning to do at the moment. They are lifting Irish economy with this stimulus package to speedup Ireland’s growth. Slaucha!!!Stay safe!! Stay Healthy!!!!

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