irish-visa-application-formEverybody might have got there admits for September/ January intakes so June and July is best time to apply for Ireland student visa for September intake and November and December are the good dates for the January intake. But as this might be first time experience for few people for travelling to Ireland. I would like to write Ireland student visa procedure as well as I will list down Ireland student visa document checklist.

Ireland student visa procedure key points:

  • Students must have valid university offer letter with fee receipt and medical insurance (Odon is best for Ireland) at the time of filing of visa.
  • You should feel the application form without any errors and it should be accurate.
  • Visa application should be done at least 6 to 8 weeks before the course start date.(This is allowed till min 5 weeks not less than that otherwise your Ireland student visa will get rejected)
  • While making application please make 3 sets of documents
  1. Original
  2. Xerox
  3. Xerox- Notarized from the good lawyer
  • Book an appointment for visa application from VFS Global website and submit the documents at the VFS global (Submit all the 3 sets -If VFS office rejects to take all sets ask them to write in written statement that those documents are not required. Because few students got their visa rejected so submit all the sets)
  • After completion of application after 4-5 weeks in peak time (September intake) time or 2-3 weeks for less application crowd time (January intake) you will get your Visa stamped on your passport. So now you are ready to fly.

Ireland Student Visa Document Checklist

(All documents should have 3 copies- Original, Xerox and Xerox-Notarized)

  1. Fully Completed Application for Visa (Fill it online on and take it’s printout)
  2. Student Visa application form
  3. Questionnaire (It consists of general visa questions)
  4. Police Clearance certificate valid for 6 months (Take it from passport office where your passport was issued. You need to take an appointment for this and it might take max 2 days for processing)
  5. 3 Recent passport size photographs (With white background (3.5cm * 4.75cm) scanned and stapled photographs not accepted
  6. Non Refundable visa application online fees Rs.5000 + Rs.1617(VFS Global Service charge) =Rs.6617. It might increase every year.

(If you are paying by Draft/Pay Order in favor of “Embassy of Ireland” payable at New Delhi)

  1. Letter of offer from University(With Course details)

(With fee payment receipt ,acceptance letter confirming education of minimum of 15 hours in a week and medical insurance provided by college or university or your own private medical insurance with acceptance letter. If the course fee is less than € 6000 ,fees should be paid fully. If fees is more than € 6000 you should pay atleast € 6000 before applying to visa. Consider living expenses in Ireland € 7000 per year.)

  1. Confirmation of fees paid( It is not necessary for courses which are listed as “Approval in Principal”)
  2. Swift message copy from Indian Bank( Not required or mendatory)
  3. Valid Passport and all old passport ( Attested photocopies of all pages) If you have previous passports as well then please submit them also.(Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the expected completion of your higher studies in Irish universities.)
  4. If your visa is rejected by other countries submit the letter of rejection. If you hide this your Ireland student visa will get rejected.
  5. Statement of purpose( Elaborate if there are any gaps in studies)
  6. Resume / CV
  7. Overseas medical insurance valid till 1 year. (Odon is good for Ireland students)
  8. Receipt from University Bankers(Paytostudy)
  9. All education documents from class 10th onwards
  10. IELTS/ TOEFL / PTE Test score
  11. Financial documents
  12. Affidavit of education expenses support from parent or sponsor(Format attached)
  13. Relationship with the affidavit applicant(Provide passport, VoterID Card, Driving License)
  14. Previous 2 years income tax returns of your affidavit sponsor
  15. Bank statement of saving account of your sponsor for transactions of last 6 months and it should not be older than 7 days. (Attach a visiting card of bank or manager)
  16. FDR or FD letter from bank if you are having FD to show a sponsorship amount(Format Attached)
  17. P.F./G.P.F./C.P.F./P.P.F.
  18. Education loan documents (If applied)
  19. Copy of property papers and evaluation report which is mortgaged in education loan.
  20. Work Experience Documents
  • Letter from Current Employer

(Appointment letter with managers contact details on it, Salary slips for 6 month period as well as Salary     account bank statement of 6 month)

  • Experience letter from previous employer( Name and Contact details  enough)

That’s it. Once you are done with your documents take appointment and get visa application done. Wait its not the end yet picture of Ireland is still remaining guys. Check below post for visa process after your reach in Ireland.

18 thoughts on “Ireland student visa procedure and document checklist”
    1. Hi Neha I guess its not good option to provide mother as supporter and it also advisable that you should show the income proof of your sponsorer.Sobi would suggest please choose sponsorer who has all documents.

      1. agree with jayesh, if anyone in your relation is a gov. employee he can sponsor you. better try that as well.

  1. You must make your visa application on-line using the  AVATS on-line facility  , the online visa application facility is available worldwide and must be used by all applicants. AND the required documentation, passport photograph and appropriate fee are received by the relevant office as indicated by the on-line system.

  2. Hi I have paid my full fees to college and m paying my living expenses through educational bond Ireland now I dont need to submit any bank statements right?

  3. hello. i have got an offer letter from UCD stating the tuition fee as 18500 euros. what is the overall balance i am required to show for visa approval as i have heard 15lakhs would be sufficient. kindly let me know the details about this.

    1. For visa you need to show minimum 7000 euros apart from your tution fees so if you have more than that its better. So tution fees 18500 and 7000 euro living expenses.

  4. Dear friend I applied for Ireland student visa and i have took loan from south Indian bank with collateral security as an NRI fixed deposit of my grandfather and loan got santioned and the loan repaying should be done by my father so the consultant told me they need both my father and grandfather salary certificate and bank statement from abroad and in India is it necessary that that i need to give all the financial statements of my grandfather who stands as a guarantee r of my loan)

    1. yes you need to give all financial support docs as student visa is mainly given on strength of finance you have.

  5. Hi. For the work place documents I was paid the salary in cash and not deposited in account. Can I get letter from employer confirming the same? Will this be a problem?

  6. hello ,my mom and dad are sponsoring me for the student visa ,my dad has a business but my mom is a housewife …she is sponsoring me through her savings and fds …we have her its for past 3 years …is it ok????

    1. yes but show the bank statements of your mom and fd’s to visa officer that should be fine. it should not me cash help….it should reflect in bank accounts….

    1. yes you can find university but you will have to take english module for first semester in university and then only you can do masters.

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