This post is for students and people who are looking to find or change jobs in Ireland post Covid-19 scenario.

Most of the companies will shift their work mode to digitization thats why hiring pattern in Ireland and globe will change drastically.Organisations and investors will identify some pain points in business models and they will try to digitize as much as possible so that not only customers but also stakeholders will get benefit from it.

Digital marketing jobs in Ireland after Covid-19 :

Digital marketers are really in demand during and after covid 19 pandemic because of global digitization. Lot of people have moved their businesses online to digital portals to stay ahead in the market. But still there are some companies who are planning to shift on to online business models so they will hire digital marketers who have got some really cool SEO tricks to stay on higher rank on google search.Most of the organisations don’t put much funds in digital marketing because they dont have millions in cash to burn on marketing like MNC but its need of time to take it seriously. With more companies taking their business digitally ahead will require more manpower and digital marketing skills to boost the sales for online customers and reach out to wider audience to improve the sales conversion rates.(CRO)

Cloud Computing jobs in Ireland after Covid-19 :

Cloud is 500Billion dollar industry and lot of companies are adopting it day by day as it gets easier to maintain their business on single location like cloud platform. Covid-19 has given boost for demand of cloud tech in recent weeks. All employees, investors , sales funnels will get a good benefit by moving local tech infrastructure to cloud because it will reduce most of the infra maintenance task. Organisations are not only putting their private data in cloud but they are managing different organisations process on cloud such supply chain process, employee engagements, tech infrastructure as well as sales ,marketing strategies and Business Intelligence capabilities.This demand will trigger GCP,AWS,AZURE to put billions in market to give their high throughput and availability cloud services with different support teams who will monitor and maintain the new data centers build in different locations on earth. No doubt Ireland has got most of the data centers in its heart from big four.
Other partner companies of cloud service providers will build cloud applications for different businesses to achieve migration from general local infra model to cloud technology model.

Due to this below jobs in Ireland and globe will create surge in hiring:
Cloud developer , Cloud architect,System Administrator , Cloud Application Developer, Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance engineer , Cloud Data Engineer

Above opportunities will create over long period of time but its always better get some hands on training on cloud from now only.

Cyber Security jobs in Ireland after Covid-19 :

Most of the organisations will be new in going digitally ahead but they will also have to think about cyber security or data protection paradigms. There are already some data breach and cyber crimes happening due to Covid-19 because most the of the employees and businesses are accessing their data remotely so this makes them more vulnerable for cyber attack and this scenario will continue to grow due to digitization of new and old business. Endpoint security/API Security , network security and admins and cloud security professionals will require in Cyber security domain to provide shield to constants threats of dark net .
Remote workers are more vulnerable to get caught in cyber attacks so a cyber security team for organisation is must have in post covid-19 world.

DevOps jobs in Ireland after Covid-19:

Post COVID-19 organisations will try to optimize their operational margins and costs by improving their automation strategies to deploy the softwares quickly .So DevOps Engineers and Automation Engineers will have good scope in this field and this field is never ending as everybody loves Automation.

No Code/Low code Platform jobs in Ireland after Covid-19:

Most of small and medium scale industries will have
non-developers and non-technical employees so they will rely on No Code or Low Code developement platforms like Salesforce, Tableu/Qliksense, WordPress, MS PowerBI etc, G Suit, MS Tool.
These platforms provide integration capabilities with databases, web services, or APIs to connect data so this will bring more non tech guys in industry so some developers like Freelancers might loose their cheese on the plates. But this is just general assumption because its a new area and there is no concrete data that this has happened previously so its just and assumption.

Biotech/Pharmacology research jobs in Ireland after Covid-19 : –

Most of the pandemics have changed the industries like Automobile, Tech and mining industries after Covid-19 Biotech and pharmacology reserach will attract most the jobs in future. Investors will focus on such kind of organisations and to name a few LetsGetChecked startup got 50million funding as well as Teckro Clinical Trial startup got 25million funding during Covid-19 era.Biotech firm stocks are skyrocketing in 2020 so its good bet to invest in them. quality control associates, product management skills or regulatory compliance officers will be in more demand which will support main Research Scientists guys in achieving and controlling future pandemics. .

Above jobs are based on my level of experience so it could be that your view on this will be different. There will be many new jobs that will come in picture so we just have to stay optimistic and help each other in this crisis time. Hope you liked my article.

The best we can do to get out of this COVID 19 situation asap is Stay Home and Stay Safe.

jobs in Ireland after Covid-19
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