Jobs in Ireland after you study in Ireland?

DISCLAIMER: Its completely a personal experience scenarios which I will be putting in front of you about Job market in Ireland. I have researched it on facebook,whatsapp and every social platform to discover the Job market of Ireland. If you want to make sure about Jobs in Ireland you can follow jobs section in on our website to keep updated about job news in Ireland.

Jobs in Ireland for International Students who study in Ireland

In our India companies offer Jobs in hand within 2 days of recruitment process but in Ireland case is different for hiring freshers as well as experience proferssionals.

For freshers in Ireland, if you come to Ireland for a one year course and in Fall of 2015 ( September or October) your course starts, most he of companies would accept applications of Graduate students in Oct-Dec of 2015 and there job will start in Next year in September 2015.

So usually, companies in Ireland  begin their recruitment  mission one year before the job begins, so that student who is graduating from University have job immediately after he finish his course.

Job application process in Ireland is quite similar to countries like US UK or Australia(No Easygoin Campus recruitment).You will have to apply online then telephonic interview and then go for actual face to face round where you will actually get confirmation whether you are in or not. If you are unlucky then you will be asked for more interviews for further process but if you are out of the box in talent then you will definitely be in.So you need a lot of  patience as you will spend so much time on one Job opening.

As you are in different country you will have to prepare your CV and Cover letter according the requirement of Ireland and also adorn you LinkedIn profile with your skills to attract top notch IT employers.

Jobs in Ireland for Foreign Students

The jobs in Ireland are really  competitive as its recently been in Recession so it is gradually progressing towards stabilization hence for Indians and any other emigrants who are in Ireland with  visa limits find some difficulties in finding jobs in Ireland.

Now I will jump directly to punch Line, Ireland is ranked 4th best country for Business by Forbes so I will say that Ireland has many opportunities for people from Computer Science, IT and Business background.

Ireland is the tech hub and it is also know for basement of  European headquarters for many IT companies like Intel ,Google, Vodafone, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and many more big billion dollar companies, they are the real generators of opportunities for people in areas of computers , softwares , marketing and digital media.

If you  have minimum of 2 years of experience then you will be explored with more opportunities and you will be able to landup a job of €30000 with added benefits.Your employer will also sponsor your work visa to stay in Ireland for two years.

Real fact is that count of jobs is more than count of professionals so its very beneficial for people from IT. Student who get low marks or fail in modules also get jobs in Ireland.

US based companies provide iPhone, a laptop and also send employees to  US for training! Just imagine how its interesting. Students  with almost any experience  from IT, computer science and digital marketing are reaching to good paid jobs here.So its good to come in Ireland if you are from IT background as you wont be disappointed after you come to Ireland.

You will say that how I am stating this without any research and all. I have done a research on it very closely. I made contact with people on social media and other platforms and confirmed that there are enough  opportunities for IT people as I was planning for Msc In Ireland in National College Of Ireland ,Dublin.

One of friend from UCD has done with Msc in CS with Data Analytics specialization is working in Deloitte Ireland. Please see below conversation mine and her about jobs in Ireland.

Jobs in ireland

Jobs in ireland

Then below are the facebook conversations with the people who are currently studying or doing jobs in Ireland.

Jobs in ireland
Jobs in ireland

Below is the conversation with student who recently got placed as Business Analyst in Lidl Ireland.

Jobs in ireland
Jobs in ireland

So above are the research proofs for job opportunities for CS people in Ireland do as above if you are still not convinced and confirmed.

Business background people are also required in Ireland so its good if you study in Ireland with business background.

If the student is from accounts and finance ,cloud computing,ICT Field or marketing or management field he can easily get into employment because Ireland  provides decent opportunities for such business background graducates. The business sector is aggrandizing day by day in Ireland   here, so employers like Deloitte, KPMG  are playing great role in increasing job opportunities in Ireland and various private organizations/banks are also recruiting people from Ireland.

Steve Matin Said “Be so good, they can’t ignore you” so keep that attitude and drive towards numerous opportunities in Ireland.


Jobs in Ireland are somewhat difficult if you study some courses

If you are studying for civil, mechanical, electrical STEM courses it is difficult to get the job over here but not impossible. You have to struggle a lot and if you are fresher then it becomes very difficult to get in the industry with above listed STEM courses what ever it may be like Bachelors or Masters of Phd level education.

From top 1% ranking University people with 4 to 5 years of experience can’t get the jobs in Ireland because Ireland is growing in IT and Business sector but only in silicon related stuff not in Mechanical or Electrical related stuff and also low jobs are available in Mech and civil sector as there is Local Irish population for competition in these sectors for job.

He flew back home since he could not find a job here. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Production with a first class degree.

Student with  MS in Bio-systems Engineering, sustainable energy and green technology with a 2.1 (roughly 3.4 GPA) which is very decent and good  degree from a well known university that is among the world’s top 1% universities whose IELTS score of is 8.0 and have 1 year experience could not land job in his field.He applied for 100+ companies but no one took him in for job so you can imagine how much pain he suffered at that time but now he is working in Amazon because he is that much talented but if you are average it will be very difficult for you.

Pressure of  lakhs of money and if you return to home country with  no Earnings it will be like committing suicide attempt. No one  would want to do that so please choose the country wisely for your masters.

Consultancies get commissions from Universities so consultancies convince you for admissions and throw you into water but its very difficult to swim if water itself doesn’t support our hands and feets. So please be careful do your own research before coming here and take a wise step.

But Ireland is the place you will get 1 year Job search visa which will allow you to search and get a job there in one year but you will have to pay €300 for that visa which is also costly. But it is an added advantage on US who is very competitive for its Work Visa.

The jobs for Civil and Others are very competitive here. If you are extra ordinary, exceptionally good and have the exact skills and experience the company needs, you will  get hired immediately. Of course, like said before, it’s not that do you don’t have any chances to get a job, but there are chances,added that you need to be Lucky like a Casino Royal King.

Most important thing is that , there are lot of opportunities for  people from Computer Science and IT and those who have work experience are grand here and  have even more opportunities than graduate level employees.

The rest of the Engineering courses show unpredictable job statistics in Ireland. I recommend  student to do proper and thorough research for your foreign study and that country as well. Don’t be fooled by educational consultancies.Don’t  plan to settle down here before even reaching here.Decide your career goals, decide where you want to be and do proper research.It’s going to matter for the rest of your life.

Lakhs of money is equal to risk though bigger entrepreneurs told us to take risk it is always disclaimer that do the proper research on positive as well as negative sides and then make a decision.

Rest it depends on you. Best of luck for your study in Ireland.

18 thoughts to “Jobs in Ireland after you study in Ireland?”

  1. Hello sir, I wish to pursue masters in marketing in Ireland. Besides marketing what are other business courses that I could apply for. I would like to know the prospects of an Indian student applying for the course and the job opportunities available for the same. I request you to guide me and answer my queries as soon as possible.

  2. I am an Indian and want to pursue MBA in MARKETING from Dublin business school. So can you tell me the scope of Mba in marketing in ireland.As i have completed my Gradution this year i dont have any work experience so will be able to get a job because getting a job will be very important for me as i will be coming on Educational loan

  3. sir i want to do my masters or pg diploma in health care management or nutrition,wgat will be the job opportunities for health care professionals there?

    1. Hi Vamshi, The job opportunities in Healthcare and medical are available like nurses or doctors but I am not sure about job opportunities in Healthcare management side. Please check on linkedin or ireland job sites and do some research on it.

  4. Hi,

    I am planning to do MSC in International Accounting from Ireland. What are the job opportunities for Indians in Accounting field?

    1. There are jobs in accounting field but you need to have good experience like more than 2 to 3 years for getting jobs here. Check on job websites for available opportunities and do some more research on your side.

  5. Hi, I am a B.Tech Mechanical 2017 graduate. I work as a Technical Writer in a software company now in Delhi.
    I was planning to pursue Masters in International Business from UCD. I would like to know about the job prospects there. Also if you could connect with me through LinkedIn, it would be great.

    1. Hi Mohan IT is booming here but you need get experience in software development field as 90% IT jobs are in developement and rest are in business, support, marketing etc

  6. Hi…I am planning to do MSc in Finance (Corporate Finance) and have 2 years of work are the job prospects after this course ?

    1. Finance has bit low scope here in Ireland but still do some more research and see how is situation in current market.

  7. Hi ,

    I am planning to do ms in data analytics as i have
    More than 2 years of experience as oracle plsql developer at Accenture so what are my chances of getting a job in ireland?


    1. Good chances as you know SQL it is necessary skill for DA do data analytics from good university and get job here.

  8. Hello Sir, I have admit from National University of Ireland Galway for msc in business analytics. I am well versed in python and R-programming. I wish to understand job prospects after course completion.
    Thanks a lot in advance..!!


    1. if you have industry experience in business analytics then getting job here will be easier. NUI G is good university.

  9. Hi Sir,

    I have work experience in MVC DOT.NET and SQL Server of about 2.5 years.
    I have applied to Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin Business School, Cork Institute of Technology for Data Science Course
    Can you please brief me about the college and also about the Job opportunities regards to my experience and Course.

    1. Your experience is good but you need small exp in data science to get job in data or else it is easier for you to get job in .net as u havae relevant experience.

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