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I am Kriti Joshi, recently joined Facebook London as a software engineer. I love programming and software development. Earlier I worked on Samsung wearable (watch) for Samsung Electronics, South Korea and developed platform level service to help watch applications. I am awaiting to relocate and do job in London at Facebook.

How did you find  job in London from India?

Companies with offices in Europe and the UK are open to hiring people from India once they have gained some experience. Ex : Google, Facebook, Bloomberg,, Amazon. Bloomberg even interviews new-grads.

Which prep-material you referred to prepare for interviews?

Coding interview : Array and String pages on geeksforgeeks. Medium and hard level questions on Leetcode for the companies I was applying to.

System Design :  Grokking the system design interview And youtube videos on Tech Dummies channel

What difficulties and challenges you faced while finding job?

Getting a recruiter call is quite hard as a lot of people apply for job positions. Being vigilant on linkedin and applying through referrals helped me.

What are advantages and dis advantages working abroad?  

I am yet to join the London office but I have worked in South Korea for two years. Better salary and good infrastructure is a plus. Also one gets a lot of global exposure. But it takes some time to adjust to a new country and start a good social life. It was harder in Korea because of language issues as not many people know proper English.

Once you got your job how is your daily routine during job?

Because of the unfortunate Covid-19 situation, I am unable to travel to London and start work.

How you update yourself with current constant technology changes and upgrades?

Social media is a great source to stay updated. I try to read as many articles as possible on LinkedIn and Medium.

How you manage your work life balance and how you focus on your hobbies?

It is really important to prioritize tasks for the day. I don’t overwork and try to finish everything in a day but I do try to finish priority tasks and take time to spend with friends and for hobbies.

What is your approach to get job in completely different technology that you never worked before?

I haven’t made a huge switch yet but I feel I would play it safe. I won’t jump directly to a new role but first take something related as a side project and make the shift gradually.

How was interview process? What skills are required to get job in London?

job in London
Kriti Joshi |Software Engineer @ Facebook

Interview process is different for different companies. For Facebook, you can refer my blog for details : link

Would you like to share any pro tips to newbies who are looking for jobs in Europe?

Apply to countries like Germany, Netherlands and the UK which are open to international employees and don’t have complicated visa processes.


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