Many people who have got admission in Irish university might be thinking that how will I get to know what are the things that are required for students to survive in ireland. Don’t worry Ireland has everything but just to save your money you should buy the many things in India. Below is the of Things to Carry to Ireland For Students (with proper Checklist). Please read it and follow it:

Below are List of Things to Carry to Ireland

Jeans 3-4 Bring it from India
T-Shirts 8-10 Bring it from India
Shirt – Casual 3-4 Bring it from India Irish weather is cold most of the time so bring casual shirts less
Shirt – Formal 2 Bring it from India  For presentation in colleges or in meetups
Coat and Suit – Formal 1 Bring it from India Coat and Suit are expensive in the U.S. compared to India
Shorts/ 3/4ths 3-5 Bring it from India
Pants 2 Bring it from India For formals….but usually jeans is preferable
Belts 2 Bring it from India Expensive in Ireland
Formal Shoes 1 Pair Bring it from India
Winter Wear Buy in Ireland If you are coming for august intake buy it in india( I would suggest woodland winter wears…)
Sports Shoes &  Socks
1 Pair + few more Bring it from Indi Adidas,woodland,Nike,  Rebook whichever you like…be in style
Sandals 1 Pair Bring it from India Just for casual walk in home or nearby home u will need it and in summers also
Wallet 1 Bring it from India Get a good quality wallet because obviously you are going to put Euros in it
Things related to Personal Care
Hangers No Need Bring it from India You can buy it from Lidl or Aldi for 2 Euro you will get around 15 hangers, don’t increase weight of your bag
Tooth Brush 2 Bring it from India
Shaving Kit 1 Bring it from India Bring what you are using now
After Shave 1 Bring it from India Bring what you are using now, if not buy when you arrive
Soap 1 Buy in Ireland 3 soaps in 1 Euro in Lidl
Wash Detergent Buy in Ireland Please don’t carry detergents from India. You are wasting your space/weight.
Combs 1 or 2 Bring it from India
Hair Oil 100ml to 200ml Bring it from India Good packing is necessary to avoide leaks in bag while traveling
Nail cutter 1 Bring it from India keep it  in Check-In Bag
Small scissors 1 Bring it from India keep it  in Check-In Bag
Shampoo 1 Bring it from India Costly in Ireland.
Towels 2-3 Bring it from India 1 cotton and 2 light weight
Napkin/Hand Kerchiefs 2-3 Bring it from India Or else you can buy it here in ireland
Perfume – Deodorant
1 Bring it from India  You get it here in ireland cheaper
Tooth Paste 2-3 Bring it from India A bit costlier in Ireland
Mirror Yes Bring it from India Smaller one but you will get it anyhow in your apartment so no worries
Razor Blades Few Bring it from India But i would suggest you can take a shaving machine to save lot of money
Blanket 2 buy in India or Buy in Ireland 1 – Bed Spread. I  would suggest buy good blanket in Ireland as its very cold here so Indian blankets will not be sufficient
Pillow Buy in Ireland cheap in ireland
Back Pack Yes Buy in India Carry laptop and important documents
Cell Phone Yes Buy sim here. Tesco sim is good option.
Pen, Pencil, Glue, Cello Tape Few Get some pen, pencil, highlighter, but you can find them in plenty here.
Calculator  No Scientific calculators look different in the U.S.
Pressure Cooker 1 (3 to 7 liters) Buy in India Its must and without this you will die. Buy extra volve also for emergency.
Indian Masala/Spices  4-5kg Buy in India Its also must because everything in Ireland is sweet so you must need masala. If you are maggie freak get the maggie masala pouches in 100s of number. Put it in checkin bag
Rice, Dhal, etc. Buy in Ireland It is available in Moore Street asian store as well as in different shopping centre.
Frying Pans  1  Buy in India  I would suggest buy it in india.
Serrated Knife 1 Buy in India Put it in check in bag
Spoon, Fork  2-3 Buy in Ireland Spoons, forks are cheap
Vegetable Cutting Board  1 Buy in Ireland It’s additional weight.
Cups and Bowls  1 Buy in Ireland Get one or 2 small bowls, but not many.
Plates  1 Buy in Ireland Plates will be used in a microwave. You can bring 1 plate, but don’t bring more than one.
Peeler  1 Buy in Ireland/india
Instant Food Packets (Noodles)
Few Buy in India Maggie
Elachi, Clove, Cinnamon, Few Buy in India  Expensive in Ireland
Garam Masala 2 kg Buy in India not that much tikha in Ireland
Chilli Powder 1-2 kgs Buy in India not that much tikha in Ireland
Medical related stuff
Fever/Cold Tablets 25 to 25 tablets Buy from India Medical very expensive in Ireland.Bring doctors prescription  letter with medicines as it may be checked on airport.
Eyeglasses/Contact Lens 2 Pairs India Eyeglasses are also very expensive

Below is Personal care realated List of Things to Carry to Ireland which I purchased in big bazar. It cost me arount Rs. 2000 and if you buy same things in Ireland it may cost you Rs. 10000. So purchase wisely.


I would suggest to get good saving of your luggage space don’t pack below things while travelling to Ireland. Else pack more masalas so that you will survive with good food taste.Do not bring below items in bags

Heavy Winter Jackets,Tamarind Paste,Bigger mirror,Dals,Flours, Pen and Pencil Box,Books( You will get it in Library) and Liquid items like Ghee, Pickles  or oils because if they got leaked in Bags your all clothes will be fucked uppp!!

Never keep metal as well as Masala or Liquid in cabin luggage bag keep in mind!!! or else your luggage will be thrown in garbage during the checkin process on airport.

Thats it from my side if you want any thing else you can bring it. Rest all the best and happy journey.

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9 thoughts on “Complete List of Things to Carry to Ireland For Students (with proper Checklist)”
  1. Can you please suggest whether I should buy laptop from India or Ireland? I’ve seen many great deals on and, but m not sure about the payment process. I don’t want to end up paying extra bucks because of exchange rate and service charge.
    How about local dealers?

    1. Laptops are cheap here and there are other options like you can buy it online dealers from UK but I guess you will have to pay delivery charges from UK to Ireland.

  2. I got offer letter from GCD and its fees is affordable for my families financial status since my father is a tea vendor. If I work hard and improve my skills then I could find a job regardless of college right. Is there any prob in getting visa because of college. My course- Data analytics.

    1. No problem in visa processing but you need to have good amount of experience atleast 2 – 3 years exp in your field(data analysis) then getting job is easier otherwise its a strong struggle so I would suggest take some experience and then come here.

  3. God bless you.. this is so handy.. anyone going to university of Maynooth? If anyone from Bangalore is going to ireland this August/September 2017 please msg me on whatsapp 9731793753.. will create a group..

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