Master of Science in Digital Marketing in Ireland

Lot of students are reaching out to me for getting information about study in Ireland for Indian students or Non-EU students. They are asking me information about Master of Science in Digital Marketing. For studying digital marketing in Ireland I have compiled a couple of important queries which I will be addressing them in this blog post. This blog post will help students who are willing to study in top universities in Ireland.

Master of Science in Digital Marketing in Ireland

Vinita Raidu

Ex LinkedIner | Ex Amazonian

Before we move into details digital marketing course, I would like specify few points

  • The course structure is really hectic.
  • All the assignments that are required need creative thinking, real research work and lot of knowledge about the subject.
  • Plagiarism must be avoided, if you do plagiarism the punishment is deportation from Ireland.

How is the Master of Science in Digital Marketing course ?

It depends on which university you are studying and what level of experience the person is having before studying digital marketing in Ireland. Course in NUI Galway is for all level of students who are willing to join the course. If you are digital marketing geek then this course will be a bit slow pace for you. Most important is the self learning and research qualities of students will play a vital role while doing this course.

Digital Marketing strategy ,Inbound Marketing and Marketing Analytics courses are taught online, so that a candidate can remotely work with different geographical clients ad get actual experience.

Continuous assessments and actual research and practical work given by professors helped me to develop digital marketing skills in Ireland and abroad. Studying digital marketing in Ireland made me confident about the core of it and as I did not had any background in digital marketing I was able to come this long with help of this course.So finally I can say overall it was great experience.

Should we choose college from Dublin or NUI Galway or any other college in Ireland ?

Every coin has two sides so you have to decide which one suits you better.

  • Dublin is more expensive than Galway or other cities and more dense in population too.
  • UCD, TCD,DCU are colleges in dublin which open there application process early so if you dont apply them early you will miss chance of getting early so apply to Master of Science in Digital Marketing in Ireland quite early.
  • You might know housing crisis in Dublin so it is always good to reach Dublin early before course start and sort out your accommodation. Government is planning for student accommodation but there is not that certainty.
  • You will join waiting list if you don’t book campus accommodation well advance in January – March.This is case with NUIG but not sure about other colleges.
  • is best website for finding accommodation but be aware of frauds that happen with students in Ireland.

Hint – Facebook and whatsapp groups are also good source of accommodation hunt.Click here to find those groups.

I got accommodation with Indian family here in Galway as paying guest and it was lovely stay with them.

How about part time job opportunities in Galway ?

It all depends on course which you are doing so as I was doing Master of Science in Digital Marketing in Ireland which is more hectic and industry oriented course I couldn’t find much time to do job but if your course is little easy going you can find part time job here in Galway. One thing to add as Galway is small city it will have less part time job opportunities than Dublin. Few students were doing part time jobs as there course was not hectic and some chose not do any part time jobs. I did part time job during holiday period or whenever I found free time.

One note to add as Dublin is capital of Ireland it has got plenty of part time and internship job opportunities so Dublin is ahead in part time jobs of course. Click here to find student part time jobs in Dublin, Ireland.

Job opportunities for International (Non – EU) students after completing Master of Science in Digital Marketing

As I said earlier Dublin has more job opportunities than any other county in Ireland. Non – EU or International students need to check if their skills are related to General or Critical skill segment and accodingly they should start hunting for job. If your course or masters program falls under critical skill category you will have plenty of IT field relate job opportunities than General skill category. Also it will be easier to find job in Critical skill category.

Critical skill category states that if for a particular job there are no Irish/EU candidates then only they should be given to Non-Eu or International candidates.

You can check out the list of critical skills here

Click here to find list of websites to hunt full time jobs in Ireland.

Do not worry if your course come under general skill category. It is bit hard to find a job under general skill category but not impossible. There are some of our previous batch mates who have got jobs under general skill category and some are still looking for it.

My plan is do head back to India after completion of course but lets see where my destiny and options give me direction!!!

It will be too soon to tell about Digital Marketing job market here in Ireland but one thing I can say is Ireland is Europe’s silicon valley so there are plenty of jobs in Digital and IT sector for sure.

All the best for your course and Career!!

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