Its been 2 years we started this blog and many of the questions which come in your mind are mostly the same as we think about quality of education in ireland, job opportunities and many more so we have compiled some frequently asked questions here in this post so do read it before poking people on Facebook and LinkedIn who are in Ireland :P:P

Q1. How are the job opportunities in Ireland? Will I get job in Ireland after completing MS in Ireland?

Ans. This is the first and the most commonly asked question by MS aspirants so let me tell you. Ireland has booming economy in Europe since last 6 to 8 years. So this is the reason the jobs are increasing here in Dublin. The main sectors which has good job opportunities are mainly IT side as there are around 50k job openings seen on LinkedIn everyday that does not mean ireland Generates 50k jobs daily but yes there are plenty of jobs here in Ireland for people in IT. The fact that how you will get it is based on your skills, knowledge and hardwork. Just by sitting at home you will not get job you have to struggle , workhard and learn some cool new tech which are trending and gain some experience in IT. Then only you can standout and get inside companies in Ireland. The skills which have good jobs are Java, .Net, Data Analytics and Data Engineering, SQL etc. Jobs in Management, Finance and Medical sector are pretty low as there are more Irish or Local students who are more preferred than international students hence scope for those jobs is less here in Ireland.

One more thing to add, stay with positive people or people who are optimistic about getting job. Don’t stay with people who are negative minded or else you will loose your confidence and will become incapable to search job. You need to apply for 100 or 200+ jobs out of which you will get interview call from 10-15 so you will have only 10-15 chances to get your job so prepare wisely and work towards it.

Q2. I am a fresher or graduate just out of university and planning to do MS in Ireland. Will I get Job as I dont have experience?

Ans: Its really important question as you are putting your good amount of money in paying your expenses and fees in college. Let me explain you the job market in Ireland has mix jobs like Graduate jobs which have 2 years program in which they hire freshers/graduates. There are no Campus interviews or anything like it happens in India. You need to apply online only. One of the best site to check fresher/graduate roles is or check with your placement officer of university. As freshers dont have experience its extremely difficult to get into industry and it is not the case with Ireland only it is the case everywhere but what freshers can do is get an internship before even trying to look for jobs or do some certifications like AWS , AZURE ,CLOUDERA OR J2EE so that you can prove employer that you are good and skilled in the technology.

For people who have experience is also a curse but not that big. People who have experience who do ms in Ireland have different problems eg. if candidate have experience in Java, Spring, Hibernate and he did MS in Data Analytics it will be very difficult for him to get job in Data Analytics field as he have expereince in Java. So in this case there is formula Fake It Untill you make it. Dont take it seriously but as candidates have experience they can do good projects during MS with some industry standards and good design patterns and then apply for jobs which they want but yes its the pain in the ass to switch domain after 4 years of experience but it is easier for you to get in the industry than freshers so you can try different options to get job or else you can get job in your experienced domain for sure.

Q3. What is the Avg salary after we do MS in Ireland?

Ans. Salary depends on several factors but avg. salary for freshers in ireland is 30k EURO/ Annum. So if you are experienced person your salary will be like 2 Year- 40k 3 year – 45k 4 year – 50k and so on but it depends on your interview and negotiation skills. To get good idea about salary visit so that you will get salary idea of different roles and companies.

Q3. I got admit in ….. University? How is the university? How is the course?

Ans. Many aspirants ask this question but the honest answer is ask this question to Alumni of those universities. Ans according to us if the student is fresher he should go to universities like UCD TCD UCC UCL as they have good graduate job fairs and networks with good companies. People who have experience can join any university as their degree matters less and their experience and skills matters most.

Course structures are same accross all the universities in Ireland so its upto you how much deep knowledge you gain by doing practical projects and thesis work.

Q4. When I will get citizenship once I complete MS in Ireland?

Ans. There are 1 or 2 year MS courses. Once you finish MS you will get 2 year Graduate Visa known as Stamp 1G. If you do job on Stamp 1G for 2 years you will need Stamp 1( Critical Skill work permit) to continue job in Ireland. Once you complete 2 years on Stamp 1 you will get Stamp 4. After working on Stamp 4 for 1 year you will be eligible for getting citizenship. So in total you need to pay Taxes for 5 years in Ireland to be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Q5. What is minimum criteria for companies to get jobs? Are interview rounds same as Indian companies?

Ans. As the competition increases the interview round structure changes. But most of the freshers who want to get job in Ireland should have 2:1 Grades in their Masters then only they will be eligible for graduate jobs.

The interview rounds depends on company to company but mostly their are 4 round first its telephonic round , then coding/technical/test round , then competancy based question round and then HR round.

Tip for people who want to get job in Big 4 is learn Data Structure and Algorithms and Read You will definitely get job in FB,GOOGLE,AMAZON,APPLE.

Q6. How much will be my expenses? Can I repay my loan?

Ans. The avg. expenditure including fees and living comes around 20k to 25k euro per year in Ireland and specially in Dublin so it is lot less compared to US UK CANADA AUSTRALIA.

You can repay the loan in 1 or 2 year time frame so its not an issue and that depends how you save and repay.

Q7. Can I do part time job?

Ans. Yes you can do part time job for 20hr/week and full time during Christmas holiday period. But make sure that they will not impact your studies.

These are mostly asked questions We will add more going forward and if you have any other queries do visit other posts on this website.

8 thoughts on “MS in Ireland FAQ”
  1. I want to ms in data science in Ireland.
    So when is the portal opens for admission and which university is best to apply for.
    I need your assist on this. Tq

  2. Hello,
    I was planning to take admission for MSc through NCI in Cloud Computing course. I was actually wondering if Msc holds same weight as MS? Will it matter because I am a B.E in Computer Engineering. And I have a work experience of 1 year in a start up. I have heard seeking job for a non EU is more difficult, is it true? Should I reconsider my decision?

    1. Hello Akansha, You should take an another one year experience so if you have 2 years work exp. it will be beneficial for you for looking for job.IT has good demand here. MSc and MS are at same level in Europe so not a big deal.

  3. Hello,
    I am planning to do ms in Ireland in electrical and computer engineering. How is the scope for this field in Ireland? Or i choose another country for the same?

    1. Computer and IT has good scope. How ever there are not much production plants of hardware and electrical equipments so I am not sure how the job market is for such course.

  4. Hi,

    I am planning to do 1-year ms-course from Ireland and I have two years of work experience. Please let me know when can I start to apply so that I can get the best university

    1. Hello Saloni, Can you please tell us your full profile details. So that we can see to which universities u can apply in ireland.

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