MS in Ireland is best option

ms in ireland

Why I choose MS in Ireland rather than USA or UK or Australia?

Everyone wants to step up there career with higher education and its very important decision of their life because its last option(not exactly) where you can turn your future into some extra miles so why not try MS in Ireland.

Sorry I forgot to introduce my self I am Jayesh from India.I choose MS in Ireland because its too much cost effective, Irish culture and its booming Tech Market.

I choose  M.Sc. In Data Analytics  from National College Of Ireland to enter into growing data analytics market.

Why MS in Ireland?

Ireland has become leading  “new” destination for students to pursue their master’s degree. There are a obvious reasons for this

My reason was , everyone goes to the US, Australia, Canada, UK etc and spend atleast 25Lacs over there and then they try to nill there loan for two to three years.

My father was retired from his job and I had to quit my job and wanted to do MS with minimum cost and I came to know about Ireland. In Ireland you can do MS within 20 Lacs so it’s a good option if you are weak in funding or loans.

Another reason to do MS in Ireland is that Ireland is ranked “most friendliest country” for every person because there people are so much welcoming and they are really helpful to everyone. You will not be discriminated like “hey look I that is Indian guy” like other countries but you will be noticed as “I think that techy is Indian man its great”.

People will help everyone in all aspects here. Unlike the other countries where there is an different tone in the people “I can help you but…”, in Ireland its more like “I’m sorry I can’t but you can do this….” which of course is more relieving.

Out of  100,000 Indian students who travel abroad for masters education every year around 1,000 of these choose to do MS in Ireland.

Another reason to choose MS in Ireland is Irelands fast growing tech sector. Ireland owns 9 of worlds top Global Software companies, 9 of worlds top Pharma Companies, 13 of worlds top Medical Technological companies, 9 of worlds top 10  US ICT companies,15 of the world’s top 25 Financial Services companies….to be continued and Ireland has been ranked as one of the best country for business so you can imagine how Ireland plays job market multiplication.After 2008 recession Ireland made its corporate tax 12.5% which least in world and this lead to a great revolution in world.

The first thing you hear from Indian student if someone is going to Ireland is that  is “Why are you going to Ireland go to US,UK or Canada or Australia man”. Huh but now I want to convince people that Ireland is also known as Silicon Valley of Europe so guys what are you waiting for Apply to Universities from Ireland.

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