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Why I choose MS in Ireland rather than USA or UK or Australia?

Everyone wants to step up there career with higher education and its very important decision of their life because its last option(not exactly) where you can turn your future into some extra miles so why not try MS in Ireland.

Sorry I forgot to introduce my self I am Jayesh from India.I choose MS in Ireland because its too much cost effective, Irish culture and its booming Tech Market.

I choose  M.Sc. In Data Analytics  from National College Of Ireland to enter into growing data analytics market.

Why MS in Ireland?

Ireland has become leading  “new” destination for students to pursue their master’s degree. There are a obvious reasons for this

My reason was , everyone goes to the US, Australia, Canada, UK etc and spend atleast 25Lacs over there and then they try to nill there loan for two to three years.

My father was retired from his job and I had to quit my job and wanted to do MS with minimum cost and I came to know about Ireland. In Ireland you can do MS within 20 Lacs so it’s a good option if you are weak in funding or loans.

Another reason to do MS in Ireland is that Ireland is ranked “most friendliest country” for every person because there people are so much welcoming and they are really helpful to everyone. You will not be discriminated like “hey look I that is Indian guy” like other countries but you will be noticed as “I think that techy is Indian man its great”.

People will help everyone in all aspects here. Unlike the other countries where there is an different tone in the people “I can help you but…”, in Ireland its more like “I’m sorry I can’t but you can do this….” which of course is more relieving.

Out of  100,000 Indian students who travel abroad for masters education every year around 1,000 of these choose to do MS in Ireland.

Another reason to choose MS in Ireland is Irelands fast growing tech sector. Ireland owns 9 of worlds top Global Software companies, 9 of worlds top Pharma Companies, 13 of worlds top Medical Technological companies, 9 of worlds top 10  US ICT companies,15 of the world’s top 25 Financial Services companies….to be continued and Ireland has been ranked as one of the best country for business so you can imagine how Ireland plays job market multiplication.After 2008 recession Ireland made its corporate tax 12.5% which least in world and this lead to a great revolution in world.

The first thing you hear from Indian student if someone is going to Ireland is that  is “Why are you going to Ireland go to US,UK or Canada or Australia man”. Huh but now I want to convince people that Ireland is also known as Silicon Valley of Europe so guys what are you waiting for Apply to Universities from Ireland.

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  1. Sir, here you described a bit about fees Structure in Ireland for masters which according to you is 20 Lakhs but as per my knowledge, the cost of pursuing MS in Ireland is not more than 10 Lakhs. So, can you please explain us more on this?
    And also, there are lots of scholarships available specifically for MS students.

    1. if you are planning in UCD and Trinity then its 20 Lac and if you are planning in another universities you will have to pay atleast 12 to 15 lac

        1. part time jobs are quite hard to get but not impossible. You need to try hard for getting them because here preference for EU people is given first then after international people and part time jobs require experience in relevant field though it is work in shop hotel or cleaning work

      1. Hey jayesh,
        Am from mechanical stream, some consultants suggested me Ireland. but my confusion between German and Ireland, what are the difference between two of this.
        what the cost difference and opportunities after completion?

        1. Mechanical has less scope in ireland because ireland doesnt have much manufacturing business. Germany will be great choice.

    1. For students visa granted till the course period. If you are doing Master level course you will get 1 year graduate visa on which you can work full time. After one year you need to file work permit visa. Once you get work permit you can stay for 2 years or more depending on the duration.

  2. Hey Jayesh

    I am planning to pursue ms in IET from trinity college dublin. Now since it is a specialization in game programming….can you shed some light on the job prospects in this field in Ireland. I have prior 3 years of JAVA experience but no prior experience in this field

    1. If you have 3 year java exp then you can get jobs in Java easily and if you get good knowledge of game field you can get job in that field also but for gaming there are very few companies so scope will be quite lower.

      1. I am thinking of going to dublin for my masters in the firld of digital marketing. I am freasher and i have just joined my workplace and before going tobireland i wanted to have some in hand experience of about six months. Do you have an idea about the job opportunities in ireland innthe field of marketing or digital marketing? It will be a great help if you can give me some valuable input from your side!

        1. Hi Yash, If you see the irish job market IT is good here but you need to have good amount of experience atleast 2 – 3 years exp in your field then getting job is easier otherwise its a strong struggle so I would suggest take some experience and then come here.

  3. Hye jayesh…what is the job prospect for a mechanical engineer in ireland… I have got the offer letter from UL .. I have 2 years of experience in power plant maintenance and overhauling. Will i get any mechanical job

    1. Mechanical has not that much jobs in ireland so better to take admission in computer science domain.

  4. Hi Jayeh,
    i’m planning to pursue Msc in cloud computing. how are the job opportunites after completing to choose universities based on course. if universities are providing internships how to utilize for future job prospective. can you provide information about job opportunites in computing filed and also please provide information about PR

    1. Hi Rakesh,
      Universities in Ireland have good reputation. Job market for techies is good in Ireland. Cloud computing has good scope but you need to have relevant cloud computing experience to land a good job. Employers in ireland look for experience if you jave good amount of experience u will get job easily. If u dont have exp you will have to struggle for few months or if u have exceptional technical and coding skills getting job in Ireland is piece of cake.Thanks for reading our blog.

      1. Hi Jayesh.., currently i’m having one year experience with java technology. i’m looking to do Msc in cloud computing or Data Analytics.according to to my profile which will be having more scope to get the job after completing the course as a fresher and also PR opportunities.

  5. hi Jayesh,

    I an planning to take Ms in data analytics from NCI..hows the course in terms of jobs there..I am working as a manual tester and by the time I come there I will have 8 months of Experience only..
    and one more thing,
    I am coming for January batch so will it create any problem in terms of job searching because I think I will not be able to sit for September placements..


    1. If you have good domain experience you will get good chance to land in for data analytics job. Take atleast 2 years of experience and then try Ireland education.

  6. Hi Jayesh,Currently i’m having 3 year experience as iOS Developer . i’m looking to do Masters in cloud computing from NCI dublin.According to to my profile what’s the scope to get the job after completing the course in Ireland. Can you give me a round review about NCI , it’s reputation and job prospects . Thanks in advance

    1. UCD , Trinity , DCU are good and worth universities for masters. NCI is small college but still if you have experience you can join NCI. But I would suggest you have good experience so try rankin universities so that you can Land job in Google Apple Amazon etc.

  7. Hi Jayesh,
    Kudos to your efforts and you trying to clear all our doubts.
    Myself Hussain working in an MNC for 7 years in QA (Functional, Data WareHousing and Performance). I have explored to UCD Dublin website and got to know that Msc in Data Analytics is a 3 year course which costs around 10 lacks in fee and would add another 5 to 10 lacks for living expenses. Do we have any MS courses for 1 year and how are the job opportunities. After completing MS if we get an employer or sponsor then only we can apply for Work Permit ? Whether we have any universities in Ireland where the MS costs is less. Thanks in advance.

  8. Can you please let know what are the chances of getting into UCD,UCC,NUIG or NCI with below profile.

    Work exp-3.6 yrs in Informatica and Teradata

  9. Hi Jayesh,

    I have more than 2 yrs of Automation Testing experience and have done Bsc in Computer Science. I found out about three courses i.e Msc in Cloud Computing, Msc in Data Analytics and Msc in Web Technologies. Can you please let me know which course will be beneficial for me in relevance with the work experience that I have. Also I will be taking Education Loan to come there, so your help will be appreciated.


  10. Hello Jayesh,

    I’m planning for Msc Marketing ….

    Got IELTS overall band of 6.5 (Speaking 6.5) (Listening 8) (Reading 6) (Writing 5.5)

    which universities would you suggest ?

  11. Hi Jayesh

    Really thanks for your efforts for making this site as POC for Ireland education and making us positive about this.
    Please help to address my below query.
    I have 3 years(Till Now) of IT experience in unix with admin activities and Mainframes with bit coding.I am very much interested to persue Msc in Data Analytics for this Sept 2017 intake. Could you please tell me the chances of getting admission into UCD, Trinity, NUI Galway, NCI interms of ILETS & GRE scores and any other criteria.


  12. Hi Jayesh,

    Thanks for clarifying all of the doubts.

    I have 4 years of experience as a full stack developer. I want to change my domain to data analytics now.

    1. Is it advisable to pursue masters in data analytics?
    2. Is NUI Galway a reputed university to pursue masters in data analytics?
    3. Does that the university matter for pursuing masters at Ireland?
    4. Finally how are the job prospects after MS in Data analytics.

    I need your help as I am in dilemma to either pursue masters at Germany or to pursue masters at Ireland.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Good scope for DA in ireland. you have 4 years exp so try to make it relevant in interviews in ireland you will get job definitely ample opportunities here. NUI Galway is good university.

  13. hii
    now i am pursuing btech in cse den i want to do masters in cs in ireland and i already wrote ielts the score is 6.5 plz help me which universities are btr and tell me after ms what are different job opprtunities der

  14. Hi Jayesh,

    I just want to Know which is better field to choose MS in data analytics or MS in cloud computing in respect job prospects and ease to get one.

    Thanks in Advance.

  15. Hi Jayesh,

    Thanks for all your efforts in replying to the queries.I am Manasa from Bangalore having 4.5 years of Experience in Oracle PLSQL and planning to do MS in Analytics/Data science for Sep 2017 fall as it’s short term in Ireland..Is there any MS course related to Database as I have experience??? Which college would be good(Top college to study) and duration of the course?How about Job opportunities after completion of MS over there.I am planning to take loan and study will I be able to clear within one year if i get good job over there?Any idea approximate salary will i get in Ireland for above Job opportunities…I am in dilemma whether to choose Australia/Ireland..Awaiting for your reply…Thanks in Advance.


    1. 4.5 years exp is good and on that exp you can directly apply for jobs here in ireland with linked in.
      There are course related to database or big data so you can do it from UCD TRINITY OR NCI.
      UCD AND Trinity are awesome universities where job assurance is more.
      You can ge job with 45k to 50k euro so u can nill your loan almost in a year.
      I would suggest directly apply to jobs abraod in small countries like ireland germany london you might get job. Still if you wanna persue MS please apply to UCD or Trinity in ireland.

  16. I’m planning to take M.Sc in Cloud Computing from NCI.
    Can you please provide complete details on how good NCI is for Cloud Computing and about job opportunity.
    Thanks in Advance,

  17. I got admit in NCI for data analytics, from India want to pursue master, could you please help me out whether should I choose this course and can you tell me about the job prospectus, does NCI has there own campus placement (help in finding a job).

  18. M a fresher and want to do masters in business analyst or project management so how’s the job market for these 2 courses

  19. Hello Jayesh, could you please tell me the criteria to get into ucd or trinity college for MS in data science.

    1. ello Mathew, you need good scores in IELTS like above 7.5 and good undergrad scores as well as if you have experience in related field your chances of getting in will be good.

  20. I am planning to do MS in advertising & public relations as I have graduated in the field of Mass media, so is there any scope for this field in Ireland?
    And also, IELTS would be sufficient or is there any other test needed?

    1. Hello Vricha,very few opportunities for marketing, finance,managment jobs in ireland because the EU talent gets preference here for those jobs as they have good knowledge and they are available without any visa sponsorship. International talent is preferred mostly in IT jobs, but you can see the job trend on linkedin how many jobs are there in the field and please check your job title comes in highly skilled list. if it is then you will get work visa/permit or else it will be bit difficult

      do more research on linkedin glassdoor about job count to your related field.

  21. Hi Jayesh,

    I have around 6.5 years of experience in SAP. I am applied for two universities Msc cloud computing DBS and Msc in Management Trinity College. Which one would be better for my profile and which one has better job opportunities? Please provide your valuable inputs.

    1. your job experience will play vital role in getting job here in ireland. I would suggest go for IT course as IT has good jobs in ireland.

  22. I am planning to do MS in International Business in Ireland. I have around 3 yrs of work experience and also I have admission offer from University of Limerick, National University of Ireland Galway in International Business. How good are the job opportunities for this course and which university should I choose to study with?
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Hello Vricha,very few opportunities for marketing, business,finance,managment jobs in ireland because the EU talent gets preference here for those jobs as they have good knowledge and they are available without any visa sponsorship. International talent is preferred mostly in IT jobs, but you can see the job trend on linkedin how many jobs are there in the field and please check your job title comes in highly skilled list. if it is then you will get work visa/permit or else it will be bit difficult

      do more research on linkedin glassdoor about job count to your related field.

  23. Hi Jayesh,

    I have around 4 years of experience in data warehousing, BI, Hyperion Master Date Management, Hyperion Financial Management,SQL, SQL Server Management Studio.
    I’m planning to pursue my MS in Ireland in 2020.
    Which course will be suitable for me?
    Date Analytics or any other courses related to Databases and Bigdata?

    Shall I go for NCI Jan’20 intake or wait UCD/TCD sep’20 intake?


    1. NCI is good because you have good experience in DW. If you want you can wait for TCD UCD as those are best uni in Ireland. Data Analaytics in NCI is also nice course as you have good experience in data you can leverage that in course and job search.

  24. Hi,
    I am a pharm-d graduate, i have 2.5 yrs of exp in pharmacovigilance and moreover i am planning to do masters in regulatory affairs in IT CARLOW. May i know about the jobs and also the placements.

    1. Hi Praveen, If you have experience in pharma then go for pharma course as your experience will play vital role in your job search.

  25. I have got offer from DBS for data analytics.
    I have 7 years of experience in IT as business analyst and mainframe developer.
    Is it good to accept this offer and what are the chances of getting job?
    I am just worried as I am getting mixed reviews for DBS.

    1. yes as long as you have experience in IT it is good choice for you and it will be easier for you to get job here in ireland.

  26. Hello,
    I have total experience of 10yrs in Data, mainly Business Intelligence. I was looking for MSc in Cloud computing in NCI or DCU. I have 7.05 CGPA in my Bachalors with major in Electronics, but had 5 backlocks.
    I wanted to know, since the course which I am looking for is an upgrade from what my work experience is, will I be assumed as a fresher while trying to get a job or will my work experience in business intelligence be helpful? Also, this couse, being a Master of Science and of one year, will there be on campus recruitments? What salary can be expected with this course and my work experience?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Rahul, your 10 years experience will land you job in BI side as you have experience in that domain, it will be little difficuly for you to get job in cloud domain as you dont have experience in will be assumed as fresher if you dont have relevant experience. but yes there are plenty of BI jobs so you can try course related to that field. you can expect salary above 70k as you have 10 years of experience.

  27. Hi,

    I am a Dotnet developer and I have 6 years of experience. Iam planning to perdue MS in data analytics. How hard would it be to get a job after completing the course. And is there any probability for me to get a part time on based on my current experience?. TIA

    1. Hello Shruthi, it will be difficult to get part time job in technical domain so you have to look for part time jobs in shops or restuarants, talking about full time job you have good experience so there are plenty of jobs in .net and data analytics related jobs are also available but you should have little experience in data domain.

  28. Hi,
    Thamks for answering my previous query.Can you please let know what are the chances of getting into UCD,UCC,NUIG or NCI for MS in data analytics with below profile.

    10th – 89.44%
    12th- 68%
    BE(EEE) – 69.53%
    IELTS- yet to take
    Work exp-6+ yrs as Dotnet developer

  29. Hi,
    Can you please let know what are the chances of getting into UCD,UCC,NUIG or NCI for MS in data analytics with below profile.

    10th – 86.8%
    12th- 72%
    BE(EXTC) – 7.64 CGPA
    IELTS- yet to take
    Work exp- 2+ yrs as Test Engineer

    1. hello ritika you can get into all of them as your profile seems good but UCD will be highly lucky one.all the best.

  30. Hi,

    I am working as a Business Analyst in e-commerce domain company for past 7 months. I have worked into L3 customer support in my previous company for 2.10 years. Can you let me know the chances of me getting an admission in UCD, NUI, UCC into Masters course in Business Analytics.

    Below is my profile –

    10th – 80.66%
    12th – 74.6%
    B.E(CS) – 7.98 CGPA
    IELTS – 7.5 overall (Reading – 8, Listening – 8.5, Speaking – 7.5 and Writing – 6.0)
    Work experience – 3.6 years

    Is my writing score gonna affect my admission. Shall I take IELTS again ?

    1. IELTS is fine just get good IT experience and then try to come to Ireland. If you have good IT experience then getting job will be easier for you.

      1. Hiii,

        I am currently working as a software engineer from past 2yrs, i want to pursue MBA in Ireland, is it suggestable as i am very new to this field, what is the possibility of getting a job there. I am planning for sep 20 , when should i strt applying

        1. Hello Sushmita,
          MBA courses are good in very few colleges like UCD TCD but the jobs for MBA graduates are less than IT graduates. IT jobs are boom in Ireland so it will be bit difficult to find MBA or management jobs in Ireland as they prefer local or EU talent over international talent for management jobs. You can apply for Business Analyst type courses if you have interest in management but i would suggesnt IT is good here. You can start applying now for SEP 2020 intake.

    2. Hey! I wanted to do MS in management from trinity dublin college. What are the job prospects after this degree in ireland? Also i dont have any work experience and what are my chances of getting accepted?
      10th – 80%
      12th- 60%
      BBA- 75%

      1. Management jobs are very less in Ireland for international students so I would suggest try other countries like France, Germany as they are good in management jobs.

  31. Hello Highgrads,
    I am pavithra, i have 8 years work experience in telecommunications, i have worked on 2g,LTE , WIFI and L2 protocol testing. I have done both automation(Shell & basics of python) and manual testing.
    I have pursued B.E in computer science .
    Engg scores : 77% aggregate
    Now i have decided to pursure MS in Ireland. Would it be the best option for me considering job opportunites and also since i have 8 years work experience does it give a negative vide?
    What are the chances of getting PR?

    1. Your experience is quite good so you can do MS in ireland. Work experience is more but you can find job on that expereince.

    2. Hi Pavithra, Highgrads,

      I am also planning to do MS in Ireland, although I have 12 years of experience in Telecom.

      Would like to know in which field I should go for MS which will be beneficial for more job opportunities in Ireland.

      Planning for MS in 2020.

      1. Hello sir
        I completed my graduation from computer science with 62% in 2019,now i want to pursue my post-graduation in project management. As i have low score in graduation so i think I’ll not be able to take admission in Universities in Ireland so can i choose Colleges? Is it good option and can I’ll get a good job there after my post graduation?

        1. Hello Aditya, if you are planning to do Project Management course you will need good amount of experience in Management side. Management courses are good here but for job you need to have minimum 5 to 6 years of experience in project management or else you need to have certifications of PMP and other management recognized certificates. Your project management skill also needs to come under critical skill so you have to do more research and then only decide to pursue this course.

  32. Hi,
    I received an offer for MSc in digital marketing from DCU, TU Dublin and DBS.
    1) Can you suggest which university is best amongst these for pursuing digital marketing?
    2) Is there scope for digital marketing in Ireland if I wish to work after graduation?

    1. Hi Richa DCU and TU Dublin are good university. Only thing is digital marketing has less scope in Ireland so you need to be careful. Try to get idea of job market from linked in and you can see how much scope it has in ireland, According to me DIGITAL MARKETING comes under IT domain and IT domain is good here in ireland.

  33. if you have experience in python getting job in python will be will struggle to get job if your domain and experience is different and course is different because you will be considered as fresher. its better to choose course with your experience and then find job.

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