How to get job in Ireland

Swagat Mhaske has completed his graduation from UCD in 2017 and now he is working in Bank Of Ireland which is great place to work here in Ireland. We will discuss his journey about his higher education in Ireland and how he got job in Ireland. His some tips for new international students will be really helpful for How to get job in Ireland?

1.How you find Irish student life? How you survived in Irish
lifestyle? What challenges you faced? What are advantages and
dis-advantages studying in Ireland?

Ireland was never known for its further education system before 5-6 years, at least not in
India. Most of my relatives and friends ask me why I chose Ireland as the destination for my
masters. This is because there are some defined countries to do MS, and so most of my fellow
mates went to the States or Canada. But on an honest note, Ireland offers the best of both
worlds. And now here I am, writing the blog from Dublin.
After coming to Ireland, I do not regret my decision of living a life of Irish student. I still
remember my first day of college, wandering in the UCD campus, being scared and nervous,
but high as a kite for the new phase. And right from the first day, I started adapting to Irish
culture. Studying in Ireland gives you an opportunity to make friends from different nations,
and this is what gives a sense of education abroad.
It is very important to get yourself involved in activities going around in the University
campus or Dublin city, be it some event, meetups or any Indian festival. I think study abroad
not just relates to academics, but co-curricular activities as well and what we call an
‘International Exchange’.

How to get job in Ireland


2.How you find Irish colleges and their education system? How
it helped you in your career?

The Irish Educational system is very promising and has bachelors and masters programs in
almost all the fields. Arts, Economics, Management, Computer Science, Pharmacy,
Biomedical and the list continues, which proves Ireland has something for everyone. Most of
the universities are in Dublin, and few in Galway, Cork and Limreck. The Irish Student Visa
offers a 2 year stay back option in Ireland, which provides an open gate to the students all
over the world.
The course at University College Dublin offered me a Data Science specialization degree,
which was what I wished to shape my career in. Dublin being the IT hub of Europe was like a
cherry on the cake for me. And diving into this sea of ‘Data’, I completed my Data Science
course in UCD and landed with a job in the same Data Analytics field.

3.Basic tips to look for jobs in Ireland? Basic skills to get in Irish
job market.How to get job in Ireland?

Being in Ireland for almost 2 years, I can say that the Irish market is dominated by Computer
Science and Finance jobs. It’s not like there are no jobs at all for other fields, but they are
comparatively less.
Many companies are setting up their European HQ in Dublin .Startups and Fintech industries
are seeing Ireland as the best market place for investment.
In all, the Irish market is the best place when it comes to Technology and Innovations.

4.How did you get your job? What jobs and experiences have
led you to your present position?

Most of the universities in Ireland have Recruitment fairs organised for their students. Also,
there are few fairs for all the students, irrespective of their university. You can interact with
the employers in such fairs, get an idea of the opportunities they are offering, and information
related to applications. University College Dublin (UCD) has campus placements for their

Computer Science students. And I secured my internship as Data Analyst intern at Grant
Thornton though the UCD Placement cell. Post completion of the internship, I secured my
full-time job as Data Analyst at Bank of Ireland. My previous work experience of working
with Infosys Ltd., India for 2 years did helped me in securing both the Internship and Full-
time jobs.

5.What were the keys to your career advancement? How did
you get where you are and what are your long-range goals?

I always thought of working in the same field in which I did my master’s and the job
specifications are aligning to my background.
For my fulltime role at Bank of Ireland, I had 2 face-to- face interviews, first being
competency-based and then technical. For the position of Data Analyst,13 applications were
interviewed for 3 positions. And I was one of the 3 selected.
Talking about 5 years down the line, I would like to see myself as leading one of the Data
Analytics team, preferably in Customer Analytics unit.

6.What are the skills that are most important for a position in
this field?

The skills for Data Analyst are different in each company. The data analysis skills which are
most in demand are Python programming, Data Warehousing, Tableau, ETL process, R
programming, Data Mining, Statistical Modelling, Big Data and the list goes on.
And you cannot be sure the same fields will be in demand after 5 years. The technology is
evolving, which makes us to constantly keep learning about the latest innovations and
technologies in this field.

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  1. Very well said Swagat.
    This will surely help students who are looking to pursue higher studies in Ireland.

  2. Hi Swagat,
    I Do not see data analytics course in ucd. Is data and computational science course in ucd offer the same platform for pursing our dream of data analyst ?

  3. Hi Swagat,
    You have detailed your experience very well.
    This would give a clear insight to graduates who would wish to go for higher studies.

    1. Brexit will be definitely an unpredictable scenario for Ireland, UK and EU but lot of people are saying that due to brexit most of the companies will move thier headquarters to Ireland as ireland is english speaking country so this will boost the jobs market in ireland.

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