Frauds In Ireland

There are lot of stories about fraudulent activities that happen with international students in Ireland so every international students in Ireland should be aware of those frauds. Below enlisted frauds are most commonly observed by different international students but there are numerous so you need to be aware of them before you come to Ireland or once you are here in Ireland

Frauds In Ireland

Be Alert

Accommodation Frauds In Ireland

This is one of the most important and highly occurring fraud in Ireland with international students. As students are desperate to find the accommodation they will try to go for quick options and fall into the traps of scammers who are constantly looking for victims. Accommodation fraudsters will message you on facebook or email you personally and will say they are outside Ireland and want deposit and rent in advance and their solicitor will sign a lease with you. Don’t trust such people they are totally scammers. Some people will book whole apartment or house via bnb website and they will pretend that they are the owner so try to search such kind of addresses on bnb. Some people will show the fake rent agreements but you can find it by verifying it with PRTB website weather such property is available for rent. There are lot of different scams that will happen while finding accommodation but you need to be careful and you should not do hurry because you will get accommodation in Dublin but it will take some more time rather than spending your hard earned money on scam.

Deportation Frauds In Ireland

This is really a weird kind of scam because it is targeted to only international students as they are new here in Ireland. Somebody will call you from Irish number which will be from a call centre and they will talk with you in Irish English accent that you will be deported from Ireland as you have done something wrong like you are staying at wrong address, or you did not pay bills of electricity or wifi or you have done some crime etc. And they will ask you to pay money on particular bank account so please don’t transfer the money.First of all unless garda or gnib office sends you a official letter you should not trust such calls. If the official letter comes in you can visit embassy of India, GNIB office or any local garda office so see if the letter is valid or not. Don’t trust such calls and be aware of this fraud.

Tax evasion Frauds In Ireland

This is a new type of fraud where you will receive call from which is Ireland’s tax management department and the caller will say that you are student or employee and you did not pay the tax. First thing to be clear if such call comes to you remember if you are a student you can only work for 20hr/week and even if you work for that long hours for an year your salary wont go beyond 13k Euro which is non taxable amount so you will not pay tax on this. In case if you are full time employee and if such call comes to you , you should remember that all the tax related activities are handled by your employer so you need to to worry of your tax payment. So if somebody calls you about tax related issue contact your employer and revenue and do not pay any money to such tax evasion call scammers.

Critical Skill Permit Frauds In Ireland

This is most sophisticated scam that happens with international students. When students complete study they get 2 years post study visa here in Ireland. Once that is over you can’t stay here in Ireland so you need to renew your visa or get critical or general work permit visa on which you can continue to stay here in Ireland. Somebody will say you that he will sponsor your critical skill permit please do not go to that option. I would suggest try to apply for jobs here in Ireland in big companies and they will file your critical skill visa. The thing is if someone is ready to file visa for you you need to check if his company is normal in status in Ireland and you can check the status of company on which is company registration office. If the comapny status is normal check if they have proper ration of Irish vs International workforce which is 50-50%. If those things are fine then only go for applying a work permit. Also once you apply for critical skill permit get the application number of the permit and you can track it online on website. Do some more research about company and see if the company is real or fake and then only take the decision.

Credit or Debit card Frauds In Ireland

When you go to shopping some shops will have camera near their till as well as somebody will be reading your card while tapping or they will take picture or selfie while you are tapping a card while shopping be aware of such things as they get your card info they can do any online transaction with your card. You need to keep your pin really secret and I would suggest do not keep all your money in current account open some savings account and keep your money in that account and keep very less money in current account where your card is linked. You can also use pay cards like revolut which is best to use here in Ireland.

Fake Contract Frauds In Ireland

As Ireland is one of the friendliest country some people take advantage of this fact. They give you fake rent contracts, fake employment contracts, fake land contracts and so on. You need to read them carefully and discuss with your fellow seniors or people who are working in legal activities. Once you are sure then only sign such contracts. GDPR is most important law in Europe so you need to take care of personal information of people surrounding you and you need to respect everyone’s data privacy.

Finally I would like to say I am not scaring you with this post as those frauds happen with 1 in 10k person but prevention is better than cure. Ireland is great country but you just need to be aware of some negative side of a coin. If you are an international student and you get in trouble ring Garda straight away as they will help you asap. Reach out to your country embassy personnel and they will help you out for sure. Take care of each other ,enjoy your stay in Ireland and make Ireland beautiful place to live.

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